The Amazing Race “In It to Win It” Review (Season 26 Episode 10)

The Amazing Race "In It To Win It" Season 26 Episode 11 (3)

It’s been a busy day for CBS! They’ve been announcing some of the renewals and cancellations for their shows, but they have yet to announce the renewal of The Amazing Race! There’s no reason to expect that it will not be renewed, but you never can be certain, especially when veteran CBS shows like CSI get the axe after 15 seasons! Despite the era of uncertainty we live in, I will soldier on and review tonight’s installment “In It to Win It.”

The last couple episodes have kicked off with a post-credits recap scene of a major event from the last episode, and this one featured Laura and Tyler talking about their potato avalanche from last week’s Detour. I found it pretty funny that Laura accused Tyler of “throwing a tantrum”, considering it was probably the only sign of anger we’ve seen out of Tyler this entire race. This team has been in an incredibly good mood this season, so Laura could have cut him a little bit of slack!

The first mini-challenge had the teams searching a giant mural for a tiny sticker. I’m surprised everybody found it as quickly as they did, with the only team having any trouble being Mike and Rochelle, and only because they didn’t know what clown to look for. I would have thought that sticker would have been a lot harder to find, but apparently not.

The Detour tonight was a choice between making bricks or dancing. The brick making one was pretty boring, and I absolutely could not believe that we had yet another dancing challenge. This season we’ve already had that stepping challenge in Japan, the cross dressing dance, and a few other choreographed challenges that I’m forgetting. I’m so dang sick of watching teams learn a dance and try pulling it off. If there’s a ho-down or linedancing challenge next week in Dallas, so help me God…

The Road Block was a cool paddle boarding challenge, but it was shoved up against the very end of the leg and was neutered by a complete lack of suspense. You just knew that when they made little to no effort to actually make Mike and Rochelle look close to catching up with Laura and Tyler, it was obvious that they were going to be racing to the end with a top four. That’s what happened last season!

This was a weird week of role reversals, as Laura and Tyler were at each other’s throats while Hayley and Blair were getting along wonderfully! It was good to see Team RX finally working together better, but it’s a shame it came at the expense of a team that we’ve liked this whole season in Laura and Tyler. I still really like Mike and Rochelle, and I’m rooting for them as they’re the only non-Blind Date team left.

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Random Thoughts:

– Do you think the producers or anybody provides the contestants with water during these challenges? Hardcore manual labor in 95 degree weather is no joke!

– Has anybody cared to investigate what the heck Mike’s #Trouttownking shirt is about?

– Hayley and Blair may be a lot of things, but I’m surprised that other teams think of them as stupid. I do not think that’s their problem.