Forever “The Last Death of Henry Morgan” Review (Season 1 Episode 22)

Forever "The Last Death of Henry Morgan" Episode 22 (3)

With the fate of Forever undecided until Upfronts next week, “The Last Death of Henry Morgan” potentially serves as either a season or series finale for the show. The episode certainly had an air of finality to it, but either way, this was a solid end to a show that really managed to find its voice in its last few months.

One thing I’ve really appreciated in the back half of the season is Henry’s erratic behavior when it comes to Adam. Following last week’s discovery that it was Adam that killed Abigail, Henry was on an even more desperate warpath against his immortal foe this week, and Jo took notice from the outset. His Abe-based excuses could only ever get him so far, especially once he started getting in the way of the investigation.

And it was a great investigation to get caught up in, as the search for the dagger sent Henry and Jo on a twisting, turning trail that involved the murder of Caesar, unscrupulous museum guards and a guest spot from John Noble. That last part was particularly nice to see, and I wonder if Noble’s character might reappear in a bigger role during a hypothetical second season. Something to maybe look forward to, I guess.

On the potential series finale front, the show did a good job of giving the secondary characters some great last moments. Hansen continued to get no respect, but it was great to hear him rattle off a bunch of info on ancient weaponry, because of course he’s a History Channel buff. Even better was Lucas swiping the knife for Henry, giving the two a chance to have a heartfelt farewell before Henry went to face Adam.

And what a face-off it ended up being, with Adam desperate to test his theory by attempting to kill Henry. And though it wasn’t surprising to see Henry survive in the end, the absolutely cold-blooded fate Henry inflicted on Adam was a shock, allowing Henry to have his vengeance without outright murdering Adam.

And so Forever draws to a close, with Henry finally able to share his secret with Jo and the major story arcs put to rest. I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing the show return in the fall, but if ABC does pull the plug, it’s good to know it went out with a solid conclusion, which is more than a lot of shows can say.

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