Castle “Dead From New York” Review (Season 7 Episode 22)

Castle "Dead From New York " Season 7 Episode 22 (5)

After a change of pace last week with Castle and Alexis working a case, things went back to normal for Beckett and her jealous husband this week. Yes, Castle was jealous when Kate couldn’t help but flirt with an actor she grew up watching when the two worked a murder case involving the cast and crew of the comedy sketch show, Saturday Night Tonight. A parody of Saturday Night Light and its creator Lorne Michaels.

The Case

The creator of the popular show SNT, Sid Ross, turns up dead. Beckett and Castle are left with some colorful characters to question. Portraying their first murder suspect, Mickey Franks, is none other than Jaleel White, aka Urkel. Franks seems out of his mind. When they first approach him he is wearing a suit of armor. Resistant, Kate has to take him down.

Things only get more interesting when he decides to use a hand puppet to talk during his questioning until he is told that Ross is dead. That’s when he drops the puppet and gets serious. It’s obvious he isn’t the man, or women, they are looking for. Pop singer Carly Rae Jepsen also turned up on the show as SNT’s musical guest.

After somewhat of a wild goose chase, we end discovering that the head of Ross’ production company, Gene Vogel, has been embezzling his money. Out of desperation, Vogel plotted to kidnap Ross’ ex-wife, but Ross found out and Vogel killed him in the end.

On The B Side

Martha is acting strange and Beckett picks up on it immediately. After Castle shrugs it off as her usual routine prior to a show, Kate presses him to talk to his mother. He does and realizes that Martha is dealing with some fears about the show. Castle gave her a much needed pep talk.

What did you think Castle fans of this week’s episode?