Weird Loners “We’re Here. We’re Weird. Get Used To Us.” Season Finale 2015

Weird Loners “We’re Here. We’re Weird. Get Used To Us.” Season 1 Episode 6 airs Tuesday, May 5 (9:30-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. In the season finale episode, the gang hangs out at a lesbian bar, where Caryn and Stosh take a liking to the same lady, while Zara needs to decide whether to keep Eric as her darts partner or tell him that the pub patrons think he’s gay.

Show Summary: In a world full of happy couples, there are those who just can’t seem to figure it out…

WEIRD LONERS is a new single-camera comedy about four relationship-challenged mid-30-somethings who are unexpectedly thrust into one another’s lives, forming unlikely bonds in a Queens, NY, townhouse.

Starring Becki Newton (“Ugly Betty”), Zachary Knighton (“Happy Endings”), Nate Torrence (“Hello Ladies”) and newcomer Meera Rohit Kumbhani, the series explores the lives of these underdogs who, each for his/her own distinct reasons, are solo singles when most of their peers are well along the path of marriage and family.

As the members of this off-kilter quartet get to know each other, they’ll face an endless array of riotous – and likely uncomfortable – circumstances, ranging from a reunion with an estranged pre-teen son, to confusion about same-sex dating, to scheming the art world to make a quick buck.

WEIRD LONERS is a show for all those who have at some point felt scared, lost, lonely and overwhelmed in the world of love and relationships. Namely, everyone.

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