Jane the Virgin “Chapter Twenty-One” Review (Season 1 Episode 21)

Jane The Virgin Twenty-One Episode 21 (2)

Given last week’s suggestion of a looming custody battle, this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin was surprisingly light-hearted. Really, given how overwhelmingly upbeat this show is, I don’t know how ugly I really expected things to get. Still “Chapter Twenty-One” certainly had less bite than last week’s episode, and didn’t really set up any major final hurdles before the finale.

Well, no major hurdles given how crazy this show can get at times. Instead, the show returned focus to its central love triangle in a big way, with Jane reconnecting with Michael in a big way as Rafael finally realized he cares more about Jane than his family business. As ever, the show has done a great job balancing the two potential relationships, and while that all-night conversation between Jane and Michael has me cheering for them more than ever, I can see just a much evidence for why she could end up with Raf. On that same note, given how hard she’s working to maintain her independence, it wouldn’t be bad to see Jane go it on her own, either.

And given the high school reunion that took up a good chunk of the episode, it’s not hard to see how Jane might be overwhelmed by a sense of nostalgia for simpler times. By that same notion, she could be seeking out Michael as a reminder of better days, before her perfectly-scheduled life was thrown out of whack. Then again, Michael’s offering a new outlook as well, telling her to abandon all the planning and let herself discover her talents at her own pace.

Meanwhile, she’s also able to reconnect with Rafael a bit by working with him to pull one over on Petra. Oh, poor, sad Petra. Every once in a while, it really does seem like there’s some good in her. And really, the show’s done a good job of keeping her from devolving into a one-dimensional villain. That said, it’s no surprise to see her so desperate to get back with Raf that she would turn her own mother in, a reminder that whatever good might be inside of her is often smothered by her own desire for self-satisfaction.

Rogelio’s fear of heights storyline was a bit goofy, but it definitely fits the character. Ultimately, it was nice to see the story go in an unexpected direction, as it at first seemed like Rogelio was unable to get over his feelings for Xo. Okay, he’s obviously still not over those feelings, but I was glad to see the show backburner that part of the story in favor of something a lighter and more fun.

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