Revenge “Plea” Review (Season 4 Episode 22)

Revenge Plea Season 4 Episode 22 (6)

It’s probably not a good sign that the most exciting part of this episode of Revenge for me was the small Everwood reunion between Emily VanCamp and Tom Amandes that opened the hour. I mean, we now know for certain that this is the penultimate episode of the series, with next week’s finale serving as the end of it all. And yet, “Plea” failed to offer any truly exciting or mind-bending twists.

This isn’t to say there was anything bad about the episode, just nothing exciting. Really, everything was competently done, but the sequence of events felt like the show was just going through the necessary motions to get Victoria back into the picture before the big finish. And yeah, the show was pretty blatant up front that Victoria was still alive, even if we didn’t see her until the final moments of the episode. The ending did give us our one mild shock with Hunter’s death – I thought he’d just get taken hostage – but it’s not exactly the biggest lost, given what a dull character he’s been this year.

Really, it’s almost a hard episode to talk about, given how uneventful it was. There wasn’t really much for our core characters to do, with both Jack and Nolan sitting on the sidelines most of the hour. The plan to get Margaux thrown into jail was a well-executed, fun diversion, but Emily’s interrogation didn’t offer much in the way of new information. Instead, we mostly saw Hunter as he absolutely blitzed his way through his investigation, seemingly going from not believing Emily to discovering Victoria in the span of a few hours.

Meanwhile, while there’s no telling how things are going to turn out between Emily and Victoria, the show seems to be putting the final nails in David’s coffin. There’re miraculous recoveries, sure, but the level to which they’ve taken his illness is beyond the point of no return. My prediction for next week is that Emily’s going to survive and take Victoria down, but she’ll find herself having lost everything that truly meant anything to her. Downer ending? Sure, but it fits when next week’s episode is called “Two Graves.”

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