Orphan Black “Formalized, Complex, and Costly” Review (Season 3 Episode 3)

Orphan Black Formalized Complex and Costly Season 3 Episode 3 18

Things take a turn on this week’s Orphan Black when Cosima discovers that the Castor clones are the brothers of the Leda clones. This isn’t a totally shocking revelation since they were all cooked up in the same lab. But it changes the way Sarah sees the Castors and will undoubtedly change the dynamic in the clone versus clone war.

The clones are left with a mess after Rudy leaves Seth’s body outside of Felix’s apartment. It doesn’t help when Art shows up. He sees the body and is not eager to participate in the planned dissection of the body by Cosima. His reason for seeking out Sarah in the first place is that he has a lead on Mark. It should be acknowledged how far Art has come since season 1. I couldn’t stand the character or the performance in the first season. He was always overly angry and aggressive, and he needed to be dialed back about 20 notches. Now he’s a far more interesting character because he’s decided to help the clones.

We learn why Art has a soft spot for the Ledas. He confesses that the reason for his devotion to Beth’s memory is because he was in love with her. I was surprised by this turn. He didn’t really act like he was in love with Beth when he thought Sarah was Beth. But it does give him a believable tether to the clones’ plight, so it works. He ultimately helps lead Sarah to Gracie and Mark’s hiding place. Sarah and Art track down the Prolethean midwife who tells them about Helena. It’s fantastic when Sarah gets up in the woman’s face, “Trust me, if Helena is an abomination, I’m much worse.”

Mark and Gracie may be married, but that doesn’t mean everything is smooth sailing. Mark tells Gracie that he never left the military, but was assigned to the Proletheans to retrieve information that they had stolen. This makes a lot more sense as to how he ended up with that group of whack jobs.

Back at Camp Castor, Mother isn’t pleased by the death of Seth. Paul isn’t pleased by the plan to take out Mark. I’m still not quite sure what the deal is with Paul. I kind of thought of him like Tom from The Blacklist—bad but with a potential for redemption based on his connection to Sarah. It doesn’t look like things are going in that direction. I’m ok with that since he’s been pretty marginalized in the story. But it seems like something needs to come to a head with his character.

Helena is still being kept prisoner and gets a visit from her “brat.” It’s hilarious when she tells Rudy, “You are the ugliest Mark yet.” Paul tries to give Helena a half-assed apology, but she’s having none of it. I believe Helena when she tells Paul she will one day kill him.

Elsewhere, Rachel is on the road to recovery, but discovers that Delphine has taken her place. Even though her cognitive skills are a bit patchy, no one should underestimate Rachel, least of all her sisters. Alison and Donny are stomping for votes in the most hilarious way possible. I love these two! I especially love how gleeful Donny looks when bargaining with their drug buyers. Her popularity certainly takes off now that she’s a suburban pill pusher. Donny cracks me up: “We should have been drug dealers years ago.” I also like how proud he looks of Alison whenever she puts the smack down on someone.

In the end, it’s unclear if Mark has survived the wrath of Gracie’s mom. We haven’t seen that many Castor clones, so if they keep biting the dust, we won’t have any left. I have one simple request for next week’s episode—more Alison. I have to admit that I was skeptical that Orphan Black could pull it together after the shaky first two seasons, but this season is going exceptionally well.