The Good Wife “Don’t Fail” Review (Season 6 Episode 21)

The Good Wife Don't Fail Season 6 Episode 21 7

The Good Wife returned tonight with their penultimate season six episode in “Don’t Fail.” This season has been underwhelming to just about everybody who once loved this show, so I was hoping tonight’s episode would set up the season finale well and at least cap off the disappointing season in a satisfying manner.

What we got instead was a decidedly old school episode of The Good Wife which focused primarily on the case of the week, and barely pushed any other major storylines forward. The case had to do with a client from six years ago being convicted of murder when he was convicted of attempted murder back in 2009. It would have been cool if we could have brought back a client that Alicia actually helped back in season one, but it was still fun anyway to hop in a time machine and be reminded of what it was like back in that first season. This was also the first appearance of Matan Brody in season six, and we were introduced to new face Amber Audrey played by Wolf of Wall Street‘s Aya Cash. I don’t remember Matan being such a smug jerk back when Cary worked with him in season three, but I see that he’s still losing most of his cases. I do hope we see more of Amber in future episodes, though!

This episode felt a lot like a throwback episode of The Good Wife for many reasons. Not only because the case itself kept flashing back to six years ago, but also because the episode focused almost entirely on the case of the week just like they used to! We also got another glimpse at Mary Beth Piel and Graham Phillips as Jackie and Zach, both of whom we haven’t seen in quite a while. Seeing the characters all with their 2009 haircuts was a fun idea, and it was great to flash back to a time when Kalinda and Alicia weren’t so estranged.

Speaking of Kalinda, it was a little weird for them to include her in such a casual manner. We seemed to have her big goodbye just last week, so to bring her back and insert her into this case like nothing has changed was so odd. Also a little strange that Alicia seemed to be remembering her drinks with Kalinda so fondly, considering that they haven’t had any scenes like this together in over two seasons. I’ll save my full blown Kalinda rant for next week’s finale, as you assume they’ll bring Kalinda back for an actual goodbye, but I’m so confused what the official Good Wife stance is on this character. Are we supposed to believe that Alicia hasn’t been spending time with Kalinda all these years because she found out Kalinda slept with her husband? Or has she actually been missing her all this time and remembering their late night drinking appointments with a smile on her face? I wish they picked a company line and stuck to it.

The only big story development of the episode was that Alicia is actually going forward with starting her own firm (again!), and she asked Finn to join her. I’m not sure how this is going to go, but I just don’t know if I can muster up the strength to care about yet another firm exodus on this show. It seems like we just got settled in with Florrick, Agos, and Lockhart! How many times have they had to change that logo?!

So in the end, I got some good news and some bad news for “Don’t Fail.” The good news is that it might be one of my favorite episodes of the season thus far! The bad news is that it had very little story development and it was mostly devoid of the story arcs that have been such a boon to this season (Alicia’s campaign, Kalinda/Bishop, Cary’s trial). Is it a good thing that I’m excited for a show to be basically taking a week off? Probably not. But hey, we only have one more episode left, so soon this season will be in the past and we can start fresh next season!

Random Thoughts:

– If there’s one thing I’ve noticed from watching Good Wife reruns over the last few weeks, it’s that a lot of episodes start with extreme closeups of characters.

– It’s been a pretty big weekend for Juliana Margulies! We had a great episode tonight, and she got a star on the Hollywood walk of fame! Yay!

– Did Alicia tell Polmar that she was having a crisis of confidence? Um…she seemed pretty good to me in court! I was expecting her to somehow falter or stumble a bit, but she seemed pretty on point.