Cleveland Abduction Starring Taryn Manning [LIFETIME TV MOVIE]

The upcoming TV Movie Cleveland Abduction premieres Saturday May 2 at 8pm on Lifetime. Here is what the movie is about: on August 22, 2002, Knight was abducted by Castro in Cleveland and held captive in his home for more than 11 years. Finding strength through her belief in God and determined to be reunited with her son, Knight refused to be broken by the twisted Castro. Soon thereafter, he abducted two teenagers, Amanda Berry and Gina DeJesus, and imprisoned them alongside Michelle, who then became a friend and sister figure to her fellow victims.

When Berry became pregnant with Castro’s child, it was Knight who delivered her baby, even performing CPR on the infant girl under the threat of Castro while he told her, “If the baby dies, you die.” Despite enduring more than a decade of brutality, Michelle’s spirit would not be broken, and her unshakable faith in the face of a seemingly hopeless situation was a testament to the human spirit. On May 6, 2013, Michelle was rescued from the home that was her prison for nearly 11 years, and finally given the chance to reclaim her life.

Golden Globe Award nominee Pam Grier portrays Carla, a nurse who helped care for Knight in the hospital, and Emmy Award winner Joe Morton plays Solano, an FBI agent in charge of the investigation.

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