Grimm “You Don’t Know Jack” Review (Season 4 Episode 20)

Grimm Season 4 Episode 20 You Don't Know Jack (4)

Grimm returned this week with the aftermath of Juliette’s unbelievable decision to set fire to Nick’s trailer. It’s something many didn’t see coming and really goes to show that there has to be something more going on with Juliette other than her hexenbeist side. She’s angry and beyond out of control.

The show plays Nick’s entrance into the burnt down trailer nicely with flashbacks of Nick’s introduction to the wesen world four years ago, moments with his mother, the books, the weapons. Juliette isn’t done yet ruining Nick’s life as she goes back to their house and emails Kelly, Nick’s mother, claiming to be in trouble.

Nick and the guys move the remaining items to the Spice Shop and come up with the clever idea to bring Adalind to Bud’s. Nick explains that whole situation between him, Juliette and Adalind are complicated. Meanwhile, Juliette is bunking with Kenneth. These two are scary together.

Trouble isn’t far from Sean either. When we see him in this episode, he is floating in a pool, looking like he might be dead. But suddenly comes to, gasping for air. Let’s hope Adalind and Rosalee can find a solution for Juliette and help Sean next.

Resuming The Body of Adalind’s Mother

Adalind’s conversation with her mother’s dead body (in a coffin) was the most comical of the episode. Later, we see her body as Rosalee is forced to dissect it for a spell. It wasn’t a scene for the faint of heart! Even Monroe was grossed out. It was all well worth it. When Adalind tried to woge, her wesen side was gone.

The Case of The Week

And while all of this is going down, a case involving a dead prostitute is dished out on Nick and Hank’s plate. We know the prostitute is a wesen, who’s throat and stomach was cut. We later find out that the mysterious killer was left handed and he/she took the victim’s uterus out. The whole situation has them looking for a Jack the Ripper copycat and they are right on target as we see the killer refer to himself as Jack.

Juliette and the Potion

I think we all knew that this wasn’t going to go easy. Juliette did show up, but she wasn’t willing to take the potion. She knew that Adalind had something to do with it. Lashing out, she sent Rosalee flying against a shelf while controlling Nick and his loaded gun. A shot is fired as the show comes to a quick close, not showing us who may have been hit in one great Grimm episode!

We never did see Hank and Nick wrap up the case. Until next week Grimm fans…