The Amazing Race “Fruits of Our Labor” Review (Season 26 Episode 10)

amazing race fruits labor

The Amazing Race returned tonight with “Fruits of Our Labor”, as the teams made their way from Amsterdam to Peru at drastically different times. Before we got to that, though, we had a very deliberate flashback to last week’s episode first. It’s not very often that we’ll get a “previously on” scene after the opening scenes that we get every week, but this time we got a reminder of how poorly Blair and Hayley got along last week. You just know when they show you that scene in the body of the episode that stuff is about to get gnarly, and man did Hayley start up quick tonight!

Every single week we get a scene of these two pledging to get along better this leg, and every week it feels like Hayley snaps on Blair earlier than the last! You’d think that they would have been happier considering that they got on the earlier flight, too! How stupid do the other teams have to be to not even try to get on a better flight?! When you’re told that you already have flights reserved, but that you can try to get a better flight, that’s a pretty big hint that you definitely should find a better flight. For everyone else to not even try was just stupid.

Even though there was somewhat of an equalizer in Peru that required the teams in the lead to wait until 7AM, it always felt like a three way race. Despite all of Hayley and Blair’s bickering and Team Lawyer’s potato avalanche, you never thought they were in any danger whatsoever.

The challenges themselves were all very rustic and earthy, much like Peru itself. The Road Block had people cutting down sugar canes, which was pretty boring and straight forward. There’s no way for somebody to cut down a sugar cane incorrectly, so it was just a matter of how quickly and efficiently they could harvest these things.

The Speed Bump was also pretty boring. When I saw the llamas standing there I thought they might have to wrangle them or dress one up, but instead they had to type on a typewriter while sitting next to a llama? What was that all about?

The Detour was OK, although it seemed like most of the teams didn’t know which challenge they were signing up for most of the time! At first I thought the Mamas challenge was going to be the harder one, with all the walking from store to store and having to gather ingredients, but it ended up looking really easy. I thought maybe the reason Hayley and Blair burned through it was because Blair could speak Spanish, but then Team Truck Stop just came in and stumbled through all the Spanish words with no problems. I thought the potato sorting was going to be too easy until I saw the dramatic tumbling of the potatoes. I’m pretty sure they were just dumping everyone’s potatoes once, regardless of if they were wrong or not, and then accepting it on the second try.

There really was never a question of who was going home tonight, and now we only have one more pre-existing couple left, and it’s probably the least likely one! It’s kind of a downer that Phil keeps asking all of the blind date teams how their relationship is coming, and everybody just always says they aren’t interested. What a swing and a miss that twist ended up being.

Random Thoughts:

– Man, how shady did those firework machines look? I was sure one of those things was gonna fly off the rails!

– What is it with these cab drivers who just start driving without any idea of where they’re going?

– I was hoping that the potato lady would just constantly deny all of Laura and Tyler’s potatoes since they spat on them. How gross was that?!