The Red Road “A Hatching” Season 2 Episode 5

The Red Road Season 2 Episode 5

The Red Road airs on Thursdays at 9pm on SundanceTV. In tonight’s new episode “A Hatching” Season 2 Episode 5, Jean, distraught over Rachel’s episode, throws her pills in the toilet. Harold finds the paint sludge in the mines and returns to tell Jean, who says she thinks her father knows more than he is letting on. Kopus goes to Junior’s campsite but finds it burning. He quickly finds Harold to tell him that Junior went to kill Levi.

Jean, off her meds, takes her daughters to her parents’ house in search of the vent she thought she imagined. She stabs the wall with a knife, revealing the vent. Junior makes an attempt on Levi’s life. Harold shows up at Levi’s house looking for Junior. Jean’s parents try to take the girls away from her, but Jean leaves with her daughters and tries to enlist Kopus’ help to find Harold. He rejects her but eventually decides to help. Harold is released, and, together, he and Kopus venture to find Junior.

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