Survivor “Survivor Russian Roulette” Review (Season 30 Episode 10)

Survivor Worlds Apart Bring The Popcorn Season 30 Episode 10 08

Survivor returned tonight with the entertaining (and sometimes frustrating) episode titled “Survivor Russian Roulette.” There was a lot of good stuff here, but there was still an awful lot of people doing and saying stupid things.

We quickly got to some stupidity, as Shirin is still really hurt about what Will said to her last week. Look, I’m not saying that she’s stupid for having these feelings, but I do think it was pushing it a little bit to try to classify it as assault. Why didn’t she just walk away when Will started yelling at her last week? Just walk away, Shirin! However, the even more frustrating response to her anger was Dan, who just dismissed her as a drama queen while acting sympathetic towards her in person. It’s pretty darn rich of Dan to be labeling her as a liar and manipulative, considering he might be the most two-faced person in the game.

The reward challenge was a lot of fun, as it was everything that I look for in a Survivor challenge. You’ve got the players being forced to use perfect teamwork, a lot of strategy, and a very clear visual indication of how much progress each team is making. I hate it when we have a challenge that ends in some kind of ambiguous puzzle, and it’s impossible to tell how much further a certain team is than the other. It may not have been as visually impressive and big as other challenges, but it still was a lot of fun.

The reward itself was OK, but they’re clearly giving Dan a very strong villain edit in this episode. I really just think Dan is a bit of an ignorant windbag, but I feel like he’s a lot more harmless than the Survivor editors are making him out to be. In the reward scenes alone they have footage of him brutally devouring a burger, laughing like a maniac, and forcing Will to respond to his nonsense. I think he’s just a big doof that likes to hear himself talk.

The immunity challenge was one that we’ve already seen a few times before, and it’s a bit bland. It was edited together pretty darn well, but it never looked like Mike was anywhere close to dropping that bag. Wow, he really crushed that challenge! He had his rope fully spooled when Rodney was struggling to keep his up. Rodney came back to camp complaining about how close he was, but I really don’t think he was close at all. Ah well. I’m sure he’d be happy to know that his muscles looked pretty darn impressive.

The pre-tribal scramble consisted mostly of Shirin fighting for her life, but the thing that irritated me most was Tyler going through Dan’s bag to find out what his advantage was. He didn’t just slyly reach into the bag to see what was in there, he straight up stole his bag and took it into the freakin’ jungle! Going through another players personal items should be illegal, and should be punishable by elimination or at the very least a removal of any idols or inability to win one. I guess the Survivor producers just expect people to bury everything to keep it hidden, but this isn’t a tiny immunity necklace you can shove in your pocket. This was a wooden box about a foot wide! Where was Dan supposed to stick it?! So lame.

Thankfully the episode totally redeemed itself in the tribal council, which was freakin’ awesome. At first I was a bit mystified why Mike took out his immunity necklace before the vote, since I was expecting that he and Shirin would vote for Tyler while everybody else voted for Shirin, and then he’d save Shirin and send Tyler home. Apparently that wasn’t in the cards, but this actually might have worked out better for Mike in the long run. He revealed the weaknesses in the alliance of six, he still has an extra idol in his pocket, and Shirin wasn’t even mad at him at all in her final interview! Mike is definitely the player to beat now, and it looks like the other players will be turning on themselves soon anyway, so he might be able to coast even farther with an extra immunity necklace in his pocket.

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Random Thoughts:

– How do you get the job as challenge tryer? You always see the footage of these faceless people trying the challenge as Jeff describes it, and I always wish I could be one of them!

– That B-roll of Dan spinning a tarp on his middle finger was pretty darn close to Dan flipping off the camera.

– Dan looks visibly skinnier than he did on day one. The guy’s face is thinning out and everything! I can’t wait to watch his Ponderosa episode and see how much weight he lost!