Once Upon a Time “Lily” Review (Season 4 Episode 20)


I was expecting on this week’s Once Upon a Time that we’d deal with the fall out from Emma killing Cruella de Vil. Not so much. There’s a passing discussion of it in the beginning, but that’s it. Emma doesn’t seem to feel any remorse or concern about the magnitude for what she’s done. I was expecting that her parents would at least spend more time guilting her. At least when Snow killed Cora, she felt bad about it. Emma doesn’t seem to care t all.

Maleficent tracks down Emma and asks for her help finding Lily. It turns out that Lily is Emma’s former friend with the compulsive lying tendency. In a flashback, we see that Lily has a habit of ruining things for Emma, so that doesn’t bode well for any future relationship between the two. Regina convinces Emma that they should take a road trip together to find Lily and then help Robin. I really liked this scene between Emma and Regina, especially when Regina says she would like Emma’s help.

It’s clear that Emma is struggling. And if you didn’t pick up on that, her extremely pale make up and drawn features should’ve clued you in. After hearing that Lily is dead, she loses her cool. This is definitely foreshadowing of things to come. They eventually learn that Lily isn’t dead and they find her at a country diner. She knows all about Storybrooke, the Charmings and Emma. Back in the day, a guilt-ridden Sorcerer’s Apprentice clued her in to the wrong that had been done to her.

Lily is out for revenge and Emma is determined to stop her. Everything comes to a head on a dirt road with Lily on her knees and Emma pointing a gun at her head. Emma’s descent made this a genuinely suspenseful moment. I wasn’t sure if Emma was going to show restraint. If Regina hadn’t been there, Emma probably would’ve pulled the trigger. It’s a big moment for Emma and Regina. The wicked queen would’ve wanted Emma to go over the edge, but Regina is the one person who can keep her from doing it.

Back in Storybrooke, Gold convinces Will Scarlett to steal Belle’s heart back. When they return the heart, I almost felt bad for Gold. The problem is that he’s done too many bad things for too long. There’s no redemption for him. You can tell Belle knows this, also. She looks heartbroken when he walks away, but she doesn’t call out to him. I was disappointed in Will during this scene. As Gold advances forward towards them, Will steps behind Belle. Way to step up and protect your lady.

Once Regina learns that Belle has her heart back, Regina, Emma and Lily race to New York to get Robin. When they arrive, Regina tells him that Marian is really Zelena. The wicked witch denies this for all of two seconds before dropping the act. I didn’t understand why she didn’t just keep pretending to be Marian. This should’ve been enough to bring Robin back to Storybrooke, but there’s an unfortunate twist. Zelena is pregnant. But is she really? I find it very hard to believe. This is probably just another lie. And Robin should have learned by now that he’s not in the Enchanted Forest, and when a wicked witch tricks you into impregnating her by impersonating your dead wife, you’ve got a free pass to leave.

With Emma backing down from killing Lily, I’m thinking that she may not be heading down the path to ultimate darkness. There aren’t that many episodes remaining, so if she is going that way, maybe it will be the season cliffhanger.