The Originals “City Beneath the Sea” Review (Season 2 Episode 20)

City Beneath the Sea Season 2 Episode 20 3

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” the plot continued to thicken with Dahlia’s machinations against the Mikaelsons, as she continued her relentless pursuit of baby Hope by any means necessary- even if it meant aligning herself with none other than the black sheep of the family, Klaus, in “City Beneath the Sea.” But will he really bite? (So to speak…)

As we saw via flashbacks, assuming they are to be trusted (not necessarily a safe assumption, when it comes to Dahlia, mind you), back in the day when Dahlia and Esther were younger, Vikings raided their village, killing everyone but them, who the Vikings abducted instead. According to Dahlia, it was because they saw her use her magic and wanted her to use it for their own designs. As Dahlia’s power grew stronger, she concocted a plan to escape, but by then Esther’s feelings towards their captors had changed and she had fallen for Mikael and no longer wanted to leave.

Esther says she wants a family of her own and bails on her to marry Mikael. How much do you want to bet that the reason Esther wasn’t able to have kids in the first place was because of Dahlia? I think she cast the spell and simply waited for Esther to come to her for assistance, knowing well that she’d do anything to start a family- including giving up her own first-born. In doing so, she unwittingly gave Dahlia the power to siphon baby Freya’s power and supplement her own.

This is, of course, exactly what she wants to do with Hope’s power, only this time mainly to break the curse on her which renders her and Freya comatose for a century and awake for only a year. Of course, she tells Klaus that the real reason is that Klaus needs her to teach Hope how to control her power, otherwise it will consume her and possibly destroy everyone around her, including quite possibly the city of New Orleans itself. Dahlia notes that, what with her also possessing both wolf and vampire blood within her, unlike Freya, Hope will be even harder to control without Dahlia’s help and tutelage.

Klaus seems dubious and Dahlia makes him a proposition: he can raise her himself, and she won’t interfere, but will help Hope channel her power from the sidelines, drawing upon it to rectify her own situation in the process, admittedly. Dahlia says they’ll rule together and she will help him defeat all of their enemies, but admits there’s one catch: Hayley has to go. Klaus points out that if he does that, everyone will hate him, including his family, and that they will come after them. Dahlia says it’s time to choose, one way or another and awakens him.

Klaus removes the dagger and goes to Dahlia, saying they need to move fast, as Hayley and company are on the move. Dahlia says not for long, and starts a raging thunderstorm to block their path. Meanwhile, Elijah, going off a spell suggested by the witches, gets a vial of blood from Hope with Hayley’s blessing, but also with a catch of her own: she’s taking Hope and leaving town and not coming back. There will be no more involvement with the Mikaelsons from there on out, given how much heat the whole Klaus thing is bringing down upon them.

Elijah is clearly rattled, but Rebekah points out that it’s the right thing to do under the circumstances and they let Hayley and Hope go on the run with Jackson and the rest of the pack. I personally have my doubts about this move. What makes Hayley think that Hope will be any safer with the wolves than she would with the vampires? Besides, all she’s doing is incurring Klaus’ wrath that much more- not to mention Dahlia’s- and she should know they aren’t going to give up that easily. Wouldn’t it actually be better to band together and fight Dahlia, and Klaus, if need be? Too late now, I guess, but I think Hayley is in for a rude awakening- and possibly worse. I suspect Jackson in particular is doomed, but they might just go for broke and kill Hayley, too, depending on what Klaus is really up to.

Here’s the thing: what if Klaus is really just playing Dahlia? After all, he’s come a long way since his “Vampire Diaries” days. He’s a bit more level-headed than he used to be, to be sure, at the very least. Yes, Elijah daggering him wasn’t good, but Klaus also sort of brought that upon himself by claiming it was he who killed Aiden, and he should know that. What if he’s simply allowing Dahlia to think he’s on her side, only to “betray” her once he gets in the right position to do so? It would certainly be in keeping with Klaus’ typical long-con type plans, right?

Then again, he’s not one for subtlety, so maybe he is really as upset with his family as he claims. Maybe he does see Hayley as more of a problem than a solution, and he has a point, given her actions, which are really just making things worse on everyone, Hope included. All she’s doing is driving a wedge between Klaus and everyone else in his family, not to mention the wolves and the vampires. (Not that the latter needed much help to hate one another, but still, not helping, Hayley!)

On the plus side, as I’ve long predicted, Freya wasn’t exactly being forthright in her intentions, and it’s clear now that she’s more in it to help herself than Hope. That’s evident in her willingness to use Hope as bait to lure Dahlia out of hiding so that they can cast a spell that renders her temporarily mortal, and thus vulnerable to attack. Thankfully, Elijah saw through her ruse and instead injected Freya herself with Hope’s blood, using Freya as bait instead.

If she had a hidden agenda- and you just know she does- then she better hope (no pun intended) that plan works, or she’s screwed, because you know Dahlia isn’t going to be happy when she discovers she’s been duped, assuming the plan even works. Obviously, Freya is also trying to break the curse upon her and Dahlia in the process of everything else, but if Dahlia’s flashbacks are to be believed, Freya may not know her own strength, which could be trouble in and of itself. I’m also not sure if Freya can break the curse on her without breaking it on Dahlia as well, and do we really want Dahlia to be immortal again?

There was one light at the end of the tunnel, potentially. Buried beneath all the other machinations going on was an intriguing possibility: Vincent propositioned Davina with a possible solution to all the witch madness and disarray as of late, in light of Josephine’s death in particular. Why shouldn’t she be the new Josephine? Vincent has no interest in it, and with said stature, she might be able to channel the power she needs to successfully bring back Kol, which is something she’s been failing miserably at since he died. It might also just give her the backing she needs to defeat Dahlia as well, which might come in handy if the Mikaelsons’ plan fails, which it might. Definitely a plot thread to keep an eye on, is all I’m saying.

That was about it for this episode, beyond a little back-story on Jackson (which we typically only get on shows like this before someone is about to bite it) and Aiden’s Viking-style funeral, which was a little ironic, considering what else was going on in this episode, i.e. Dahlia and Esther’s own run-in with the Vikings. Does this mean werewolves are descended from Vikings? It’s hard to keep up with all this twisted history, but it’s fun trying!

Whatever the case, this was a nifty episode that turned what we thought might happen on its head. Who’d have thought Klaus would side with Dahlia? If indeed that is the case, that is. I’m not so sure. We’ll see, though, soon enough, what with only two episodes left this season. Make your own predictions below for “The Originals” and see you next week!