Castle “In Plane Sight” Review (Season 7 Episode 21)


Castle found himself working alongside a new partner this week when a murder went down on his trip to London to speak at a book event with Alexis. Thousands of feet up in the air, an air marshal goes missing. Yes, on a plane before Castle discovers his body stuffed in a suitcase.

With Beckett home, Castle must rely on Alexis to help with a case now that they are stuck on a plane with a killer. Alexis’ training with Lanie, and a cell phone, comes in handy when inspecting the body while Castle worked on uncovering clues. It was different to see the usually ultra confident Castle get nervous about his abilities to solve the case without Beckett by his side. She is just as nervous, but hides it from Castle, asking Esposito and Ryan for help.

Castle carries on like a professional though, and learns that there was a 35 minute window during which the marshal was killed. Meanwhile, Alexis works with Lanie who determines that the killer is left handed. This was a bit unbelievable, but it’s TV. There is also the fact that Alexis and Castle’s cell phone reception is better than mine on land!

In the end, we find out – like most cases – that it was someone in plane sight – the head flight attendant. She killed the air marshal who was guarding a passenger wearing a very expensive watch that was on its way to London to be auctioned off.

What did you think ‘Castle’ fans? Were you hoping for more given there are only 2 episodes left to the seventh season? Leave your comments below.