Orphan Black “Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis” Review (Season 3 Episode 2)

Orphan Black Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis Season 3 Episode 2 11

On this week’s Orphan Black, we learned that the Castor clones are having a whole lot of problems. Like Cosima, they are suffering from some kind of clone ailment. Instead of coughing blood, they “glitch.” When Seth gets ill, his brother doesn’t hesitate to put two bullets in his chest. Considering Seth had the skeezy porn star moustache, I’m not sad that he’ll no longer be with us.

The big message is that the Castor clones are just all kinds of wrong. I get that they’re brothers and all, but both of them getting together with the same woman is beyond creepy. They remind me of Helena in some ways. They aren’t entirely stable and are more inclined to resort to violent methods, as Sarah learns when Rudy takes Kira hostage.

Kira is Sarah’s one big weakness. If her daughter were not in the picture, Sarah would be a whole lot more dangerous. After Rudy’s visit, Sarah decides that it’s no longer safe for Kira to be around. Cal has recently moved to the city to be near Sarah and Kira, and is the perfect person to protect her. This is a smart move. If Kira stayed in the picture, there would be someone coming after her every week. Without her around, Sarah will be unleashed and able to focus on finding Helena.

Poor Helena is being held by the Castor “mother.” I’d initially assumed that they wanted Helena because they knew about the baby. That’s what makes her special. But they don’t find out Helena is pregnant until after they’ve tortured her. Dr. Coady is determined to isolate and turn Helena against her sisters. One of my favorite scenes of the episode is Helena talking with the scorpion. “Where is this mango?”

The Castor clones are searching for tissue samples from the original Castor, presumably because it will be the key to a cure. For some reason, they think that Sarah knows where they are. If they can’t find the samples, maybe Dr. Coady will become inspired to use stem cells from Helena’s unborn child to try and make a cure. As scary as Helena can be, I think they will regret it if they try to harm her child.

I used to have a soft spot for a Paul/Sarah relationship, but it looks like that possibility is dead and gone. Unless the plan is to kill Cal at some point, he looks like the one Sarah wants to end up with. That doesn’t mean it will be smooth sailing for the couple. Paul pays Cal a visit and we learn that Cal has a secret. He made a lot of money years ago by designing weapons. Paul doesn’t think Sarah would like that, but I think it’s something she could get over.

As always, the highlight of the episode is Alison. She has decided that she is going to win her election by engaging in some good old-fashioned bribery. She buys the local drug dealers business and client list so she can figure out which of the other soccer moms have something to hide. I love it now that she and Donnie are partners in crime. I also love how excited the cloak and dagger routine makes Donnie. I wish there was an entire series just with Alison living her crazy life in the suburbs.