Jane the Virgin “Chapter Twenty” Review (Season 1 Episode 20)

I can imagine a time, several seasons down the road, where Jane’s ridiculous fantasies become too much of a crutch for the writers, the same way it would in the later years of Scrubs. However, for now, they’re still delightfully-bizarre moments that serve to inject every episode with life and creativity. More importantly, “Chapter Twenty” is a perfect example of how Jane the Virgin, for all of its silliness, can still hit with some brutally effective emotional moments.

So yeah, this was an episode that featured a lot of the cast members in ridiculous wrestling outfits, culminating in an absolutely wonderful imagined match between Petra and Jane. But it was also an episode that mined a lot of simpler, down-to-earth humor out of Jane attempting to turn the baby out of breech, all of which built to a heart-crushing moment of self-doubt as Jane broke down, fearful that she wouldn’t be able to make it as a single mother.

It was a tough, real moment that hit hard because of how well we’ve come to know and empathize with Jane. Though the episode jumped several weeks ahead, getting past the initial post-break-up awkwardness, it was clear that Jane was holding her emotions back. And, once she faced them and realized she would be okay, she was able to find a confidence she hadn’t had yet.

Of course, what makes the show so strong is that it does a great job of developing both sides of any conflict. I wasn’t entirely sold on Rafael’s reasoning for breaking up with Jane, but hearing him lay out all of his feelings here made it easier to see where he’s coming from. Still, the show didn’t let him fully off the hook, with Luisa pointing out that however much he denies it, his mother issues are a part of the problem, too, and he can’t expect Jane to wait for him to figure things out. And, with Jane no longer willing to put up with the craziness of the Marbella, his cold approach is going to leave him in the midst of a custody battle.

There was a lot more to unpack in this week’s episode than I have the space for, but I will at least note that, even as his relationship with Xo continues to endure a rough patch, Rogelio remains a source of fun and optimism among the show, which is saying something given how lighthearted the rest of this world can be. Whether playing a disembodied space head – I’ll never get enough of that sci-fi telenovela – or taking a photo with a fan mid-argument, Rogelio is an utter delight, and I’m glad to see his career on the rebound.

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