Revenge “Aftermath” Review (Season 4 Episode 21)

Revenge "Aftermath" Season 4 Episode 21

Bonkers though things have gotten on Revenge lately, “Aftermath” managed to be a pretty straightforward hour of television. If nothing else, it gave a clear picture of how the last few weeks of the season are going to play out, with Emily framed for Victoria’s murder in what is likely Emily’s final hurdle before her story reaches its conclusion.

I was critical of his reappearance last week, but after a bit of reflection, Mason’s return makes a lot of sense. At the very least, he’s one of those dangling plot threads that really should’ve been addressed, given that Emily’s promise to help him was washed down the drain given her publicly admitting that she’s Amanda Clarke. Of course, he also showed his ultimate allegiance to Victoria, putting the final bits of evidence in Emily’s car to make it seem as if she murdered her long-time rival.

Mason’s return also brings to mind the idea that death on this show isn’t always what it appears, and it seems entirely possible that, however definitive the show tried to make it look, Victoria’s death wasn’t as real as it seemed. Sure, she taunted Emily in her video message that she had the guts to kill herself, but the lack of solid evidence – identification by dental records might as well be TV code for “not really dead” – makes it seem like this is just a part of her larger plan.

I’ve got to ask, is Nolan ever going to catch a break? Yes, none of the relationships in this show have ended well, but man, Nolan has seen a lot of great loves pop up and fall apart over the course of four seasons. This week, he lost his latest squeeze as the guy found out he was finally going to be able to adopt a child, and he felt that he needed to be single and focus all of his attention on being a father. Sure, I guess, it just felt a bit out of the blue, and yet another excuse for the show to put Nolan through the wringer. Seriously, if anyone deserves a happy ending, it’s Nolan, and I really hope the show will give him a chance at one before things wrap up.

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