‘Orphan Black’ (Season 3): The Creepy Castor Clones

Orphan Black Transitory Sacrifices of Crisis Season 3 Episode 2 05

Ever since we learned about there being another set of clones in the world of the trippy BBC America series Orphan Black, it has been clear that they are on a mission. But who or what that mission is, well, that’s anyone’s guess. That being said, though, Paul obviously has a place in this crazy-ass mission since he met with two of the Castor Clones after they took advantage of a young woman.

This mission, based on the bizarre testing that Paul conducted Rudy and Seth, the two Caster Clones, is also tied into the people who are holding Helena because she underwent the same bizarre testing. My question is: to what end? What the hell do these people want with Helena? What purpose do the Castor Clones serve? And what does Paul have to do with it all?

This whole storyline goes well beyond anything that the Dyad Institute ever tried to do with Sarah and all of the Leda Clones.

It would also seem that the Castor Clones, much like most of the Leda Clones, have their own share of health issues. Seth was, seemingly, burning out, losing control of his thoughts and experiencing tremors in one of his hands. His “brother” Rudy clearly knew that Seth was in trouble, but tried to hide that fact from Paul. But, here’s another question: what if Paul knew that there was a health issue with Seth? Would he have been taken out by the mysterious organization that is holding Helena against her will?

Is anyone else out there as confused as I am?

And how about the fact that the Prolethean version of the Castor Clone that was introduced last season – the one named Mark – burned off the matching tattoo that his “brothers” Seth and Rudy also have. What the hell was up with that?

Oh, and are we supposed to believe that his new wife Gracie, who in the room directly next to the bathroom, could not hear his screams even with the shower running and the rolled up towel firmly lodged in his mouth? C’mon?!

I, for one, certainly hope that as the episodes roll out that the powers that be behind the show will begin to give us some answers and not more and more questions about who these Castor Clones really are, what mission they are on and what in the world Paul has to do with it all.

One more thing unrelated to the Castor Clones: Do you think that Sarah did the right thing in sending little Kira off to parts unknown with her dad Cal? Could that decision come back to haunt all of them?

What do you think of the new season of ‘Orphan Black’ so far? Granted, there have only been two episodes in the current, third season; but there are so many clones to keep track of that my mind is spinning into hyper-drive. What about you? Please share your thoughts in the comments section below.

And remember the next new episode of ‘Orphan Black’ will air on BBC America on Saturday, May 2 at 9/8c.