The Good Wife “The Deconstruction” Review (Season 6 Episode 20)

The Good Wife The Deconstruction 4

It’s been somewhat of an uneven season for The Good Wife. With some storylines not being very fulfilling (Alicia’s campaign), and some being totally abandoned (Remember Taye Diggs’ character?), it’s been a bit of a letdown overall. Especially when you compare it to the dynamite fifth season just a year ago, which many would argue was the shows best, it’s even worse. However, with many storylines coming to a head in “The Deconstruction”, I was hoping this one would turn it around! Unfortunately, it was just more of the same.

The main conflict of the episode had to do with Alicia coming back to work, and whether or not the partners there wanted to except her or not. This led to a pretty convoluted “Three’s Company” style misunderstanding where Alicia thought the partners were screwing her and the partners thought they were getting screwed by Alicia. The whole thing was confusing me, to tell you the truth. So this client that called Alicia just…got his times wrong? How does a misunderstanding of that magnitude get so far without anybody figuring it out beforehand? Why couldn’t Alicia have realized that if David Lee is being nice to you then he’s up to no good?! It felt just like it should have been a simple matter of Alicia coming back to the law firm that she started, but they decided to trump up some drama to fill up an episode. It all felt a bit like they were trying to recapture the magic of last season’s “Hits the Fan”, what with all of the scrambling around and desperate phone calls, but you just knew we weren’t going to have the same outcome as that pivotal episode so it just felt hollow.

Speaking of filling up an episode, I am so sick of these case-of-the-weeks that are forced into every installment. Tonight’s had to do with a sweet old lady being sentenced to a hefty mandatory minimum sentence for accidentally dealing some drugs, which both RD and the Florrick Agos team decided was baloney. There was some fun stuff here, with the definite highlight being the sweet Mrs. Nolfi pretending to be a hardened gangster for the returning Joy Grubick. I just don’t understand why the writers feel the need to shoehorn a case into every episode, especially when there’s undercooked storylines elsewhere that could use the airtime.

While we’re talking about undercooked storylines, WOW was that a terrible goodbye for Kalinda! I’m holding out hope that this wasn’t the actual final episode for Archie Panjabi, and that they’ll have a more dignified way to send her off that befits the great character she’s cultivated for six years, but right now I am not feeling too good about it at all. I also feel like the creators of The Good Wife lied to us about the Kalinda/Alicia reunion that never happened. They said at the Paleyfest panel back in March that the separation of Kalinda and Alicia over the past 2+ seasons has been intentional, and Robert King says it’s been done “to raise expectations” and that viewers should “stay tuned.” Um..stay tuned for what, exactly? Stay tuned for this? We’ve been waiting since season 4, episode 11 to see Alicia and Kalinda together in the same room, and then you yank Kalinda off screen without ever giving us that reunion? I realize there are still two episodes left in the season, but it sure did feel like a definitive farewell for Archie what with her looking into the camera and saying “goodbye” and all. I get that your actresses hate each other, and that really sucks, but can’t they all just suck it up for a day to shoot a couple scenes together for the sake of their fans and their characters? You’re professional actresses who make tons of money to play these parts! Get over yourselves!

While the show might be a bit worse for wear, The Good Wife at its worst is still better than most of the stuff on TV. I’ve lost most of my confidence that this season is going to redeem itself in any way, so now I’m just hoping that if The Good Wife gets renewed that we can start fresh in season seven. No more Kalinda drama, no more campaign, just trim the fat and hit the ground running. You still have some of the best writers and actors on the payroll, so start looking like it, Good Wife!

Random Thoughts:

– I loved that they finally got the opportunity to show Gregory Peck’s famous speech from To Kill a Mockingbird.

– Hey Lemond, maybe don’t whisper “Tell Dexter he’s dead” while a cop is handcuffing you? Just a tip…

– As a big fan of The Wire, I was excited to see a little mini-reunion tonight with Reg E. Cathey playing the judge in Mrs. Nolfi’s case and J.D. Williams returning as Dexter Roja.