Grimm “Iron Hans” Review (Season 4 Episode 19)

Grimm - Season 4

After seeing the previews for Iron Hans, it was clear this week’s episode was going to be an explosive one with Adalind walking into the precinct to show Nick her big belly. A meeting between Kenneth and Juliette also signaled trouble in an episode that had me glued to the screen from beginning to end.

The Case

A homicide leads Nick and Hank to a camp that celebrates an age-old Wesen rite of passage. After questioning the family, the guys don’t come up with much. Luckily, Monroe gets an invitation from the owner to come and talk to the wesen boys about their heritage.

After making a speech about being a wesen and how precious life is, we see the group break off for a hunt. But this time there isn’t a rabbit, as seen earlier in the episode. It’s Maggie, the camp owners daughter who has been exploring her wild side, and who is clearly committing the killings when all the guys are away for the night. After trying to get Monroe to come with her, he attempts to talk her out of it, but she just isn’t willing to listen and ultimately meets her fate.

The Family

And while the case plays out so does Juliette’s destruction. The Grimm writers were clever as they gave Juliette an unexpected alliance in the royal family’s Kenneth. With his own selfish motives, he tells Juliette about Adalind’s pregnancy and that Nick is the father. Just when it looked like Juliette’s relationship with Nick couldn’t get any worse, we see her come face to face with Adalind and Nick.

Adalind And Juliette Come Face To Face

The scene was great to watch. Juliette was ready to destroy Adalind at the precinct, but since Adalind promised Nick a possible solution he needed to protect her and the baby. It was hard to watch as Nick backed Juliette away from Adalind in one intense face off. Yes, to an outsider it looked like Nick took Adalind’s side, but he is clearly desperate and so is Juliette when she goes off the deep end and burns down the trailer.

Next week can only get better! What do you think Grimm fans? Judging by next week’s previews, is someone going to get shot or worse die? Leave your comments below.