The Amazing Race “Can I Get a Hot Tub!” Review (Season 26 Episode 9)

The Amazing Race Can I Get a Hot Tub Season 26 Episode 9 03

The Amazing Race started their ninth leg but eighth episode tonight (the double leg last week really threw stuff off!), and we had a fun little glimpse of the teams at the Pit Stop before they took off. I feel like we never have a chance to see the teams hanging out together outside of the race, so it was a nice change of pace. It was helpful that we didn’t have any Travel Fu and rushing to get different flights, so we had a little extra air time to devote to the peaceful dinner. Well..peaceful except for the awkward conversation about the U-Turn in the previous leg.

The teams all quickly took their looooong plane flight to rainy Amsterdam, and they all ran into the Road Block at about the same time. The Road Block might have sounded better in theory, but in execution it definitely left something to be desired. First of all, what were those dumb yellow lines supposed to be? When they popped up I thought they were supposed to be showing us the lines that were lacking, like how their selection differed from the example, but it just somehow was supposed to let us know that it was the correct shoe. How do those ambiguous lines tell us anything? Second, this challenge appeared to have my Amazing Race pet peeve where there is a limited amount of items to be found. Everybody had the same example to work off of, but then there was only a certain amounts of matching clomps in the workshop. This means that whoever went first had five or six shoes in there to look for, and whoever was stuck in last (Matt, in this case) only had one shoe to look for. This means his odds are much worse, and this puts him in a terrible mindset and they’re stuck in the back of the group for the rest of the leg. Not sure if that was the only reason, but it was annoying.

Anyway, the race got much better after that. I really enjoyed the bike ride to downtown Amsterdam, which was both scenic and filled with hilarious Hayley nagging. They could have asked the teams to hop in a taxi, but they worked in the culturally relevant bicycles and got the cameramen to soak in some beautiful Amsterdam countryside!

The Detour was a choice between Soak or Shuffle, both of which looked like very fun tasks. There was no grueling hard work challenge or anything like that, so it was definitely a nice change of pace from last week’s cutting of meat and tracking animals and stuff. The soaking challenge was the most visually interesting, but I’m not sure why Jelani and Jenny weren’t forced to go back in the hot tub after getting the answer wrong so many times. It didn’t really matter anyway, what with this being yet another non-elimination leg (only two legs since the last one!), but I thought it was lame that they were allowed to just keep writing in new guesses as to what the clues on the wall meant.

At the end of the day, Laura and Tyler are definitely the couple that I’m rooting for the most right now, and not only because they’re from my native So Cal. They get along together so well, and they have incredible chemistry and seem to be really enjoying the race more than anybody else. I’m so sad that they don’t seem to be falling for each other at all, but now they’ve got a trip to New Zealand and South Korea, so maybe they’ll fall in love then!

What did you think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below!

Random Thoughts:

– I like how the flashback of the dreamy South African pilot was in black and white, except his eyes which were colored in their beautiful blue. Fun touch!

– Tyler’s “Who wants to do some clompin’?” dance was one of my favorite parts of the episode.

– I loved that the hilarious line by Tyler, and the title of the episode, was based off of a random State Farm ad from a couple years ago. I bet State Farm is happy for the free publicity!