[Exclusive Clip] The Red Road “A Cure” Season 2 Episode 4 – “The Hell You’re Doing Here?”

The Red Road Season 2

In tonight’s new episode of The Red Road “A Cure,” believing his career is over, Harold meets with the Mayor who reveals the gun found on the dead man matches the gun that killed Mac. Harold is promoted to Captain and visits Jack to get more information after receiving a cryptic note left by Captain Warren. Rachel finds Jean’s diary and is deeply disturbed. Kopus confronts Harold about believing Levi’s men are behind Mac’s death. Jack reveals that the mob and the Mayor colluded to dump paint sludge in the mines. Harold confronts Jean’s father about this revelation, but he denies any knowledge. Jean finds Rachel convulsing on the floor of the bathroom after taking some of Jean’s anti-psychotic pills. Kopus visits Sonya again and tries to give her some of the money, but the plan backfires and gunshots are fired. Junior heads off to meet Levi, his father and Chief of the Lenape tribe.

TV Equals was provided with an exclusive clip from the episode which features Kopus (Jason Momoa) letting Harold (Martin Henderson) know that he thinks he solved the FBI’s case and that Levi’s men are behind Mac’s death.

The Red Road airs on Thursdays at 9pm on SundanceTV. You can watch the exclusive clip below, as well as more photos from the episode.

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