Survivor “Bring the Popcorn” Review (Season 30 Episode 9)

Survivor Worlds Apart Bring The Popcorn Season 30 Episode 10 03

The nicest thing about Survivor being in their 30th season is that we don’t have to mess around with pomp and circumstance, and the editors of “Bring the Popcorn” definitely feel the same way. We got to the fan favorite event of the Survivor Auction (now cutely renamed as “Trader Jeff’s”) before the credits even rolled! Not only that, but we got through 80% of the auction pre-credits! I love that they just say “Hey, you guys know how this works right? Let’s hit the fast-forward button.”

The auction yielded a lot of interesting results that it doesn’t usually yield, so that was nice. You had the typical food temptations, which actually looked quite a bit yummier than past seasons, but the editors skipped over all that boring stuff so we could get to the crazy near-switcheroo with Mike renegging on his agreement to buy the letters from home. Not only that, but it was after he explicitly said that he wouldn’t reneg because it would make him look terrible.

Wow, Mike was really dumb here. Even though he ended up changing his mind, the damage was done. It was cracking me up when he said his conscience wouldn’t allow it. Um…your conscience almost allowed it, dude. Don’t pull the high and mighty card after pulling a move like that. Also, outing Rodney’s flip right before everybody reads their letters wasn’t too smart. Not only did he do all of that, but he continues his bad decision making process when he starts spreading rumors about Will hoarding food.

Just when I was feeling happy about Will and his cool little food stash after the auction, they went and soured the moment by accusing him of that, which just set Will off. We haven’t seen him act that way at all, although you kinda feel for him a little bit. He didn’t get any personal food, any chance at an advantage, and any letters from home. I’m not sure why Shirin didn’t just leave when the verbal attacks started. Everybody here just sucked. Mike should have jumped in and taken responsibility. Jen could also have stepped in. Will could have stopped. Shirin could have left. Everybody handled it poorly.

With Joe’s departure last week, I feel like everybody in this game kinda sucks. They’re all just jerks! This episode was a bunch of jerks being jerks to each other! Everybody is so unlikable, and even when I felt bad for Shirin for a few seconds for being the target of Will’s anger she pays it right back to him by raising her hand at the immunity challenge. Man, everybody in this game is just cold blooded.

The one real bright spot of creativity and originality came in the form of the extra vote that Dan won. That’s a really cool idea, and I’m surprised that it’s never happened in this game before! Having an extra vote in your pocket will really come into handy later on this game, so I’m really interested to see how that goes.

Anyway, Jen ends up getting the boot, even though she’s been emotionally out of this game for a week already. Whatever. The only person left on this game that I like even a little bit is Mike, but it’s also possible that Tyler could float to the end and get a few jury votes because he didn’t tick anybody off. Blech. What a season…

Random Thoughts:

– Jeff’s face when Shirin raised her hand was awesome. It was his “Oh man, this just got real”.

– It’s basically a guarantee now that the first person who has their name dropped to be going home in the first minutes is always going to be the person who wins immunity.

– I loved Jen talking about how dumb Dan is while they showed Dan nibbling awkwardly on some rice. The editing on this show is so good.