The Flash “Who is Harrison Wells?” Review (Season 1 Episode 19)

Despite all the hints and reveals we’ve gotten in the past few weeks, The Flash has left us fairly in the dark on the answer to the question “Who is Harrison Wells?” Sure, we know he’s really Eobard Thawne and that he wants to get back to the future, but we don’t yet know why he’s so desperate to get back, or how Barry Allen will factor into his plans. Surprisingly, this episode gave us the least info yet on Wells, though it was still a fun episode that served as set-up for what looks like a major conflict next week.

On the nose though he was, Hannibal Bates, or Everyman, as Caitlin dubbed him, served the main theme well. He was a villain that could assume any form he wanted to, leaving the Star Labs team unsure of who they should trust. Obviously, this was a parallel to the internal conflict between team members over whether or not Wells was truly a threat, but it served the plot well. Plus, a shape-changing villain gives the cast members a chance to play against type, giving us villainous turns from Danielle Panabaker, Candice Patton and Grant Gustin.

On the flipside, Eddie is just getting more heroic by the week. For someone set up as an obvious Reverse-Flash contender early on, as well as a character that got very little focus in the first half of the season, Eddie’s been on a great path recently. He just wants to do the right thing, whether that be upholding the law or being honest to Iris. Here, despite every reason he has to be frustrated, he instead whole-heartedly put his trust in both Barry Allen and The Flash to clear his name. If the show is planning a villainous turn for Eddie, they’ll need to do a lot of work tearing him back down at this point.

While Everyman terrorized Central City, Cisco and Joe headed to Starling City to investigate the night that made Harrison Wells “a changed man.” This led to one of the most understated crossovers yet, with the ever-delightful duo meeting up with Quentin and Laurel Lance. On the one hand, given how roller coaster hectic things have been on Arrow lately, it’s hard to place exactly when in the timeline this crossover takes place. Really, though, it’s worth it for the delightful geek-out Cisco has at meeting Black Canary. And he gave her a brand-new Canary Cry to boot!

Even better, there was a nice, subtle bit of continuity to the interactions between Quentin and Joe. It was great to see Joe hear about the toll keeping secrets from family can have, and it worked whether you’ve been watching Arrow this season or not. However, there are additional layers of meaning for fans of both shows, and it does a great job of showing you don’t need over-the-top superhero team-ups to further the sense that these shows work better together.

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