Scorpion “Postcards From the Edge” Review (Season 1 Episode 22)

Scorpion Postcards From the Edge Episode 22 07

In the season finale of “Scorpion,” we basically picked up where we left off, with Walter driving perilously off a cliff in his newly-minted Ferrari, obtained from rich guy former client Richard Elia, in order to evade hitting a coyote that had wandered onto the road in “Postcards From the Edge.”

Cut to eight hours later, and Toby is doing a damage assessment of the team as it now exists, sans Cabe, Paige and Ralph. Happy, ever the pessimist, has already started looking for work, while Toby wants more info on what really went down from Cabe, who is dodging his calls. Turns out that Cabe is being downsized, having been given his new assignment in light of the dissolution of Team Scorpion: a lowly desk job at an airport. Not taking it lying down, Cabe opts instead to resign altogether, turning in his badge to Merrick, the Director of Homeland Security.

When Megan calls Sylvester to inform him that Walter never showed to her latest doctor’s appointment, the rest of the gang starts to worry, as this is out of character, even under the circumstances. Happy tries to call Paige, who is ducking her calls, while Ralph tries to call Walter, who isn’t answering his phone for him or anyone else. Finally, Paige answers hers, only to be dressed down by Happy for ducking out of town to Portland in Walter’s time of need, even if only for the weekend. The big move, should they take Drew up on it, wouldn’t be until the end of Ralph’s school year.

Happy realizes they can track Walter via the Ferrari, but need the VIN number, which only Elia has. They go to his office, only to be rebuffed by the lady at the front desk, but Happy goes into the ventilation shafts and literally drops into Elia’s meeting through the ceiling, and demands the VIN number. She gets it and they head to the location where Walter is supposed to be, only to not see him anywhere. Happy calls Walter again and they hear the phone, but still don’t see him, but then notice the smashed guard rail and look over the edge, seeing the Ferrari perched precariously on a cliff down below, with Walter still inside.

Happy uses a drone with a camera phone attached to gauge Walter’s situation and sees that Walter has been impaled on a piece of the guard rail. If he moves, he’ll likely bleed out, but then again, if he moves, the car might fall off the cliff as well, so he’s damned either way. The team calls in Search and Rescue, but only the cops arrive and Happy mouths off to them and gets herself and Toby arrested. Thankfully, Sly is still there and calls in Cabe, who fakes still being a Homeland agent and takes control over the situation.

As the S&R team sends people to approach Walter from below, he begs to speak to Paige and Ralph, but no one has been able to reach them, as they have already headed to the airport. Indeed, two cops assigned to fetch them miss them by mere seconds at her place. Walter apologizes to Cabe for overreacting, which Cabe accepts, and admits that he was the one who arranged for Cabe’s daughter’s grave to be watered every week, even after they had a falling out the first time. He says he doesn’t want there to be any more secrets between them. Walter proceeds to talk about cherished moments with each member of the team, and it’s clear he’s beginning to give up hope.

The car catches on fire, and it looks like it’s going to hit the fuel tank and explode, so Happy fashions an ad-hoc launching device with a fire hose, a syringe and other bric-a-brac, in order to drain the fuel tank. It works, just barely, and another crisis is narrowly evaded. However, the fuel drain causes the car to lurch forward, making Walter’s position more precarious than ever. Toby has him lean back in his seat, but this causes Walter to slide off the guard rail piece, which in turn causes him to start rapidly bleeding out. He uses the car’s hot wires to wake himself up as he fades from consciousness, and Toby talks him through cauterizing the wound using a pen and the car lighter!

Meanwhile, Paige and Ralph see a news report on Walter’s predicament on television at the airport, and rush to him. Back at the scene, the climbers sent to rescue Walter have to shift their position in order to compensate for the shift in Walter’s position and the more precarious nature of his situation, which means it will be another twenty minutes or so before they can get to him. To make matters worse, a crow (!) lands on the car, and Toby realizes that, if the crow flies off, it will almost certainly cause the car to finally crash down.

Taking matters into her own hands, Happy goes and retrieves a crane she saw at a construction site on the way there and fashions a harness for Cabe to go down to Walter’s location in, in hopes of his being able to grab Walter and hoist him back up to safety. Cabe doesn’t want to waste any time, so he forgoes the second harness for Walter, saying he can hoist him up himself, which is exactly what he does. As he does so, the crow flies off and the car crashes down beneath them as Walter grabs Cabe’s hand and he pulls him up to safety, with Happy reining them in, using the crane. Walter is carted off on a stretcher as Paige and Ralph arrive and see him off.

We end in a hospital, as Walter is pronounced okay and stable. While the team waits for word from the doctors, Elia comes by, offering them all a job, realizing that he can’t split up the team. They refuse- for now. Everyone comes in to visit Walter, with Paige staying behind to sit with him and the rest saying they’ll see him “back at work.” Sly goes to pass the good word to Megan, as Paige apologizes to an unconscious Walter for their fight and admits she cares for him, kissing him. End of story, and end of the first season.

So, this was about what I expected overall, with no major surprises, beyond Walter’s progressively more terrible situation, which was well staged, even if the whole crow thing was a bit much. I found myself thinking of one of those Looney Tunes cartoons in which something similar happened, likely in one of the Wile E. Coyote shorts, which I suppose is appropriate given how Walter ended up in his situation in the first place. That was a bit ludicrous, but overall, it was a reasonably well done episode, and fairly exciting.

I liked that the show didn’t try to resolve too much, character-wise, instead opting to leave most things open-ended. Sure, we got a little glimpse of what might be with Paige and Walter, but nothing too concrete as of yet. After all, Walter probably doesn’t remember much of what he said, and he appeared to be passed out when Paige said her piece, so as far as they know, neither really knows how the other feels about one another. I do think the whole rift between Walter and Cabe was well-dealt with, and that I do think Walter will remember, as it occurred fairly early on.

As for the team itself, if I had to guess, they’ll likely forgo going back to Homeland Security for backing, being as how Cabe essentially burned that bridge already. Therefore, it seems probable that they will instead go back to Elia for help, after realizing he’s their best bet to keep the team together without having to kowtow to government regulations. By doing things that way, they might also be able to avoid some of the more dangerous cases that made Paige wary of sticking around with Ralph in the first place, not that I blame her, given some of their circumstances. Granted, it’s not like she had to go along in certain instances, but now I suspect she won’t, with more choice in the matter and a more concrete idea of the damages it could potentially do, whether to her or Ralph’s own well-being.

Also, note that Sly was excited by certain prospects of working there- one word: hover-boards! And Walter was also relatively interested, if a bit more hesitant. Sure, it may take a little more persuading with Toby and Happy, but I think they’ll come around in the end. Perhaps with this new change of venue, the cases will be both more realistic and a bit more fanciful, which would be a good thing, given how ridiculous some of the episodes this season have been at times. While some of them were just fun enough to let it slide, there is such a thing as going too far, and this series has come mighty close to doing just that on some occasions, and from as early on as the pilot episode.

That said, this was a fun and engaging first season, and despite the occasional misfires and goofy scenarios, nothing they’ve done has turned me off enough to quit watching. I do think they should resist the urge they have to pair everyone off into couples, though I do like Happy and Toby together. I think it was wise to back off that in more recent episodes like they did late in the game. I’d advise them to continue that inclination, as it would be a bit crazy to have everyone in relationships this early on. There’s a reason a lot of shows put that sort of thing off as long as they can- more often than not, it can kill a series in its tracks.

All in all, a decent ending to a more or less engaging first season. The show is hardly flawless, but it is already a better show than the similar “CSI: Cyber” and without the same level of star power as that show- or budget, no doubt. “Scorpion” may still have a few bugs to work out, if you’ll pardon the pun, but overall, it’s proven itself to be a keeper. I, for one, will be watching next season. Will you?

What did you think of the season finale to “Scorpion”? Did you like the way Walter’s situation was resolved? How about the ending to the season as a whole? Is there something you wish they’d done that they didn’t? Do you think the team will try and make it work with Homeland, or will they go to Elia instead? What do you think the show could do to make it better moving forward into the second season? What do you think about the whole coupling off thing? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next season!