The Originals “When the Levee Breaks” Review (Season 2 Episode 19)

When the Levee Breaks

On the latest episode of “The Originals,” things came to a head in a big way as the final confrontation between Dahlia and everyone else loomed on the horizon. Naturally, Dahlia herself was front and center, in terms of causing all the mischief, as she played everyone like that violin she let Josephine play one last time right before she killed her. Indeed, it was with Josephine we began, just as we ended with her in the last episode, only not with her body found, but resurrected by Dahlia, in order to deliver a message: she would be coming for Hope at nightfall the following day- as well as Freya.

Needless to say, this got everyone fired up, not in the least Klaus, who after knocking Josephine’s head off, went back to strategizing how best to defeat her, painting all the while. This time, however, there was a method to his madness, as the ashes of his father lied within the very paint he was using, which only he knew- at first, anyway. It becomes clear, as ever, that it’s everyone vs. Klaus, which is basically fine by him, though at first Elijah opts to side with him, still on the fence about what the best route of action is.

Meanwhile, Hayley gets her own visit from Dahlia, who hovers outside the safe house, casting idle threats, aside from killing all the guards outside the place. Of course, the place is spelled so that magic can’t be used there- hence the extended deadline until the spell wears off, and Dahlia not making a move. Of course, her intention is not to harm the baby anyway, merely to stir up trouble, as before with Klaus and the rest. It works and Hayley and Jackson again begin planning their getaway to the Bayou, where they hope the wolves can protect them.

They also make moves to silence Hope’s magic for the time being, as it is what is drawing Dahlia to them in the first place. Getting Davina to transfer the magic-binding spell of the manacles to a necklace, they then put said necklace around Hope’s wrist, which I think is a bad move. I guess Cami never told everyone concerned that Hope is already capable of some pretty heavy duty magic, having stopped her car that one time, just before the house they were staying in exploded. I’m more convinced than ever it will be Hope herself that saves the day, not everyone else. But first she has to get rid of that damnable necklace, or she won’t be doing any magic, period.

Unfortunately, running is exactly what Dahlia wants, so she ups the ante by killing off Aiden and making it appear as if Klaus did it, just as he was about to leave town with Josh. (When anyone in a show/movie like this makes big plans, you just know they are going to be doomed.) Even worse, Klaus, when confronted about it, doesn’t deny it, wanting everyone to think he would stop at nothing to protect his baby. It works all too well, as it turns nearly everyone against him, seemingly save Elijah, who once again backs him up, and tells everyone to back off.

Klaus eventually confesses to Cami that he lied, and didn’t actually kill Aiden, but before she has time to tell anyone, Klaus is confronted again at his home by Elijah, who realizes Mikael’s ashes are hidden in the painting. Now without a reason left to need Klaus beyond the obvious- his strength as a worthy adversary against Dahlia- he takes the dagger prepared by Davina to immobilize Klaus and stabs him with it. This, of course, effectively renders arguably their strongest weapon against Dahlia moot. Granted, I’ve no doubt they will use the ashes and other stuff to assemble another weapon against Dahlia, but really, it’s Klaus’ cunning they need to get the better of her.

What’s more, I don’t know about you, but I still don’t trust Freya as far as Dahlia could throw her. I think Klaus was right on the money when he talked to Cami earlier in the episode- when an evil person raises you, some of that evil is bound to rub off, like it or not. I suspect Freya is either a mere puppet to Dahlia, or an outright supporter that’s been worming her way into the Mikaelson inner circle with the intent of helping to bring them down and abscond with Hope.

Sure, she’s helped them, with the Rebekah thing and the Finn thing, to a point, but I still remain dubious. I think the family made a truuly stupid move taking Klaus out of the equation, and they’re going to really regret it sooner than later. We’ll see, but mark my words: Freya isn’t to be trusted. Now that she’s got what she wanted- Klaus out of the picture- look for her to further her own agenda, whatever that may actually be. Whatever it is, it isn’t good, I can tell you that.

So, perhaps needless to say, this was a transitional episode at best. Granted, you had a fairly major death, albeit not as major as last week’s with Mikael, but I saw that one coming a mile away. It was more sad than anything, but hardly unpredictable. With three more episodes to go, I hardly think it will be the last, in what has already been a death-filled season, between both of the Mikaelson parents going down and now Aiden, plus Josephine, Finn, Kol (sort of) and various other witchy foes to boot. The only question is, who will be left standing in the end? Place your bets now!

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you sad to see Aiden go? Did you also see it coming, or were you genuinely surprised? (I was more surprised by Josephine’s return, personally, even though I knew she was dead, obviously.) Did everyone make a grave mistake, taking Klaus out of the equation, right before the big showdown with Dahlia? Who will be left standing in the end?

My guesses: Jackson (who’ll die protecting Hope) and Dahlia (because duh) are likely doomed, though Freya is another possibility. I don’t see them taking out Elijah, but Rebekah is a maybe, what with the original actress out of the picture, anyway. I think Hope, Hayley and Davina are all reasonably safe. Josh might get taken out trying to avenge Aiden, when he inevitably finds out it was Dahlia who actually took him out. No way Klaus is staying down- they will likely resurrect him when things predictably go south with their plan, whatever that might be. Make your own predictions below, and I’ll see you next week!