Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD “Frenemy of My Enemy” Review (Season 2 Episode 18)


It’s been a busy week in the Marvel Television Universe! There’s been a lot of talk about this potential Agents of SHIELD spin-off possibly starring Bobbi and Lance, and today there’s the news that Daredevil has been renewed for a second season over on Netflix! With Agents of SHIELD being so consistently good these past few weeks, and Daredevil being as fan-freaking-tastic as it is, it’s very exciting to hear that this Universe might be expanding.

Before we get to the events of “Frenemy of My Enemy”, let’s talk a little more about this potential spin-off. At first I wasn’t too excited that these two characters would be headlining it, considering this whole “Real SHIELD” thing has been one of my least favorite parts of this season. Then I started to think about it more, and I can appreciate all the ways that it makes sense. First of all, they might actually explain the Real SHIELD thing a little better, and they’d be able to flesh out these characters and their motivations a bit more. I realize that the spin-off would take place after this season, but it might make me understand why on earth Bobbi would want to stab Coulson in the back. It also makes sense for ABC to lock up a talent like Adrianne Palicki as the lead in her own show, and Nick Blood has become quite a likable character as well. It all makes sense for ABC, but the only questions now are if they’ll actually go forward with it and when it would air.

Anyway, let’s get into the actual episode itself. The Three Amigos of Coulson, Lance, and Fitz all decided to team up with Ward so they could take down some Hydra bosses, which means they get to take a little trip to Mexico where Ward is living the high life with Agent 33. Every time we get to bring Ward back into the mix is always fun, but I hope they continue to use his character in the limited capacity that they’ve done this season. There’s really no purpose for the macho specialist on this show anymore with Lance and Mac and the like, but Ward works great in these guest star roles. I’m surprised that Coulson is offering the TAHITI program to Ward, considering how much it messed him up when he took it, but I really don’t think Ward has any intention on following through with that offer. I guess we’ll see, but for now it’s fun to see these two back together shooting Hydra agents.

I was so glad that we finally got an episode that merged the stories of Skye and her fancy Inhuman school with Coulson and the rest of the gang. The Inhumans and SHIELD both have a common enemy in Hydra, so I’m guessing they’ll have to work together eventually in order to get rid of Hydra once and for all. I’m getting pretty sick of Hydra being trotted out as the big bad guy whenever this show feels like they need another villain role to fill. Just cut the heads off Hydra once and for all and let’s be done with it! Hopefully the big attack in the next few episodes will end Hydra once and for all.

Some of the best scenes tonight came with the awkward father/daughter date on the streets of Milwaukee. Chloe Bennet has been superb on this show ever since she found out she had powers, and Kyle MacLachlan was as great and hammy as ever. At first these scenes felt very awkward. Even the way they were shot, with such frenetic camera work and editing, added to the awkward feeling that the characters felt. Eventually everything calmed down, though, and there were a few very touching moments between these two conflicted characters.

You can’t help but feel a little bad for Cal when you see how excited he is to finally spend time with his little girl, but then he’s crushed when he’s betrayed by the episode’s end. MacLachlan is so talented that he’s able to make you feel that way for a character that’s done so many terrible things, and I really find myself rooting for him to find true happiness with his family.

The episode ends with a big cliffhanger, as Coulson surrenders to Bobbi and Mac and decides to go to the Real SHIELD base for a nice talk. This is what they should have done from the very beginning, instead of Real SHIELD’s hostile takeover of Coulson’s base. Hopefully it’s not too late for them to right this wrong and join forces to take down Hydra!

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Random Thoughts:

– I like how they conveniently cut out Gordon’s expensive teleportation effect tonight. Just showed Cal and Skye reeling from the teleport and some papers flying around, then he teleported away off-screen.

– So…Dr. List didn’t care at all that Bakshi had a giant cyborg bodyguard with him?

– That was a pretty weird scene when Skye said “Daisy Johnson…hmm.” Why does she need to say that out loud like that? People who read the comics already know that she’s Daisy Johnson AKA Quake, and people who don’t read the comics don’t know who Daisy Johnson is. Who was that scene for?