Jane the Virgin “Chapter Nineteen” Review (Season 1 Episode 19)

A lot of relationships took big turns in this week’s episode of Jane the Virgin. As Jane and Rafael continued to struggle, Xo, Michael and Petra all struggled with major conflicts internal and external, making “Chapter Nineteen” a rough one for most of the main characters.

The truth is that Jane and Rafael have felt doomed for a while. That’s not to say she’s destined to end up with Michael, as she’s more than capable of making it on her own, especially with the help of her family. However, there’s no denying the struggles the two have been through lately, and the momentary reminder of love Rafael gave himself doesn’t change the mountain of doubt he’s buried under. It’s not impossible for the two to figure things out, but Rafael is right that he’s not good for her in the state he is at the moment. And, yes, that sacrifice showed another new wrinkle to the character, further complicating an already complex, engrossing love triangle.

As for Xo, her struggle came down to not being able to predict how Rogelio would react to her brief infidelity. And, well, yeah, of course she wouldn’t be able to predict Rogelio; it’s Rogelio. He’s every bit the telenovela character he plays on TV, so there’s no telling when he’ll take something well or use it as an excuse for an over-the-top display. And sure, Rogelio is the guy who slept with an author just to get a lead role in a movie, but his goofy innocence somehow makes his obliviousness adorable. That said, Xo did betray his trust, so his blow-up is understandable. However, as the show’s most light-hearted couple, hopefully the two will patch things up soon.

Michael, meanwhile, was dealt a one-two punch of betrayal, finding out that not only had Andie been stalking Jane, but that Nadine, his partner and former lover, had been working for Sin Rostro all season. It was a rough blow, and proof that two of three women he’s been intimate with weren’t as trustworthy as he originally thought. Naturally, the road leads back to Jane, the one person who ever truly had his best interest in heart, which will in turn have him remembering the good times he had with her.

Finally, Petra once again proved a resourceful, intelligent figure, despite all the fearful bluster she hides behind at times. Honestly, it was a shame to have Roman die so soon after revealing himself, but it was great to see the Zazo boys can’t help from being impaled. And why not trade out one duplicitous character for another, as Petra ended up desperate enough to call her mother.

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