Forever “The Night in Question” Review (Season 1 Episode 21)

Forever (ABC) Episode 11 Skinny Dipper (8)

With its freshman season coming to a close, Forever dealt with one of its major ongoing storylines this season, with Henry and Abe setting out to discover the fate of Abigail Morgan. As has been the case numerous times this year, Henry is at his most relatable when he’s put into a vulnerable, personal position, and that was exactly what we got in “The Night in Question,” with Henry opening an old wound in an attempt to discover the truth about his long-missing wife.

And yeah, the show managed to strike a nice balance with Henry this week, making his obsession with the ever-twisting case of federal judges, corrupt cops and long-forgotten cold cases singularly focused by the search for Abigail. Every discovery Henry made only served to frustrate Henry as it felt like the truth about his wife might slip through his fingers yet again. It made it easy to connect with his struggle, which in turn made his discovery of Abigail’s corpse a tough pill to swallow.

Of course, the question remained of who was in the car with Abigail in the end, though it didn’t take much brainpower to figure out it was the ever-ominous Lewis. A confrontation between Lewis and Henry has been inevitable all season, and it seems like the stage is set for as much next week.
As ever, I’m on Hansen watch, and this week, Jo called it like I have all season, proclaiming that Hansen is the best. Seriously, the guy is just a delight, dedicated as much to his job as he is to his friendship with Jo. He’s happy to take time out of his family ski trip to seek out old medical files, rambunctious youths in tow, if it helps the rest of the team with their off-book investigation. Yes, Jo, Hansen absolutely is the best character on this show, and it’s great to see that the show has realized it, too.

Another major improvement to the show has been the evolving nature of the team this season, with Lucas and Hansen both being pulled into the investigations in larger roles each week. Here, we got to see Henry show Lucas a bit more trust, inviting him into his personal basement lab – which really sounds creepy written out like that – to help with the investigation. Despite Henry’s best efforts, the two have grown closer over the past year, leading to a nice show of respect from Henry when Lucas made an observation he had overlooked.

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