Castle “Sleeper” Review (Season 7 Episode 20)

Castle Sleeper NEW

Reoccurring dreams finally forced Castle to go looking for the answers surrounding his two-month appearance in last night’s episode of the ABC drama. Whimpering in his sleep, Castle goes in for one interesting session of therapy. Driving our curiosity, we see what Castle recollects with images of him appearing unconscious as he drifts across the sea in a little boat.

From there flashes of him wearing war paint on his face, bloody bullets, an injured man and what looks like tools in a shed give us clues into way may have happened. Oh and did I mention an awesome fight scene with a look alike Chuck Norris! Yes, Castle’s memories seem to be fuzzy with a mixture of both fan boy dreams and those created from REM. Adding Norris with a little bit of comedy was great during the therapy session because things seemed to be getting a little cheesy.

With Kate worried and Castle still unsure, the gang makes it their case of the week with one of their first efforts to track down that Chuck Norris look-a-like that helped Castle. Unfortunately, he is literally a dead end – as he was murdered by a Russian assassin.

From there a crazy Castle story actually unravels. This isn’t a story that our favorite mystery writer has concocted, the ones where Beckett shakes her head with a grin full of tolerance and disbelief. But something that dates back to an old classmate of Rick’s, who got mixed up with Al-Qaeda. The guy needed help in Thailand and so Castle helped him.

The entire mystery does manage to make Castle look like a bit of a hero, but wow was this case out there! After all the wait, the teasing, the clues, the unknown felt like somewhat of a let down.

What did you think of Castle’s crazy adventure? Did it fall flat for you too?