‘Castle’ (Season 7): Getting the Answers to Rick’s Disappearance

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The season finale of Castle last season was when Rick Castle (series lead Nathan Fillion) and Kate Beckett (series lead Stana Katic) were supposed to be getting married, but, as all fans know that didn’t happened because he disappeared. Two months later, he was found asleep in a small boat with no memory of where he had been.

As is to be expected, Rick and Kate (not to mention the show’s fans) were deeply unsettled by the circumstances that saw their dream wedding crash and burn, as well as his car; and to make matters worse, the unresolved issue of where in the world he was for those two months has been any hanging over the couples’ heads all season long.

Last night’s episode finally focused on the lingering questions of where he went, why he disappeared and why did he not want to be reminded about where he went (among others). The story rolled out with Castle experiencing strange dreams, haunting for the last few weeks, making those in his life worried about him.

Needless to say, Kate decided that perhaps it was time for Rick to see someone to help him deal with his dreams. Enter Dr. Carter Burke (recurring guest star Michael Dorn), the shrink who helped Kate deal with her near fatal gunshot wound. Rick sought the doctor’s help with regression therapy to figure out the dreams; and strange dreams they were.

Among the images in his dreams were a trophy, a guy he knew in school, a dying man in the back of a truck being chased by four men in another truck and a Chuck Norris look-alike who leapt into the truck, firing back at the other men. But what did all of those strange clues have in common? And why would Rick have been in Thailand being chased by a man welding a rocket launcher?

All of those images led Rick to an Indian café and a man named Bilal Khan, the real classmate who had shared the debate campaign trophy with Rick in their high school days; a man who did intelligence work and consulted with Rick on his first Derek Storm book; a man who became disillusioned and ended up working with, of all things, Al-Qaeda; a man who realized his egregious error in working with those terrorists and sought redemption by working with a CIA handler.

And it would seem that because of an imminent threat on the United States; and the fact that Bilal claimed he would only talk to someone he trusted, someone who wasn’t involved with the government, that Rick was taken mere moments before his wedding was to begin, to ensure that Bilal would provide the needed information.

I, for one, find it hard to believe that the writers of the show would have Rick Castle working with a former Al-Qaeda operative to save the United States; and that is the reason he wasn’t taken on the day of his wedding and kept hidden for two months. Is anyone else with me on that disbelief? This is the very last scenario I would have ever come up with for his disappearance.

What do you think ‘Castle’ fans? Do you buy this whole story? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below; and make sure to watch the next new episode of the seventh season of ‘Castle’ when it airs on Monday, April 27 on ABC at 10/9c.