NCIS: LA “Beacon” Review (Season 6, Episode 21)

NCIS Los Angeles Beacon Season 6 Episode 21 03

“Not my first rodeo.”

Arkady Kolcheck is loads of fun (his pronouncing of rodeo like Rodeo Drive got a huge laugh from me). More importantly, bringing him back this close to the end of the season only fuels the fire to my theory that Papa Callen will soon make an appearance. Kolcheck is the link between G and his missing daddy. And “Beacon” left the Russian’s eventual return very open with the fact that his ship carrying $100 million in oil was never found. Papa Callen must be involved somehow, and I’m guessing the last episode (or even the final 2) will be devoted to those arcs dovetailing. Hopefully that will also mean more Arkady. Every scene with Vyto Ruginis was enjoyable to watch.

More Thoughts As I Definitely Do Not Order Tofu

– Arkady’s description of Hetty was perhaps the most apt thing anyone has uttered about her. She doesn’t take up a lot of space but makes you feel like you’re in a coffin.

– More Arkady remarks that I found hilarious: his preferring the lounge area to the interrogation room because of the couch, canoe, and coffee. Also, him saying yachts were too flashy.

– The attack scene at the pool was a highlight. Slow-motion can be hit or miss for me in instances like this, but it added to the tension quite well. And hi, can I visit that location?

– The LAPD investigation into Deeks will also probably play into the finale. His remark to Kensi was quite ominous. I don’t think Deeks would ever do anything knowingly terrible, yet I could buy an instance in his past being taken the wrong way.

– Glad we saw Joelle again, however briefly. If Papa Callen does surface I can see that causing more trust issues between Callen and her.

– I was not a fan of the Nell and Eric interaction this episode. Obviously the writers tried to play off him wanting to take home a piece of her brain as cute, but the result was very creepy. I’m liking them less and less as the show goes on. Thankfully NCIS: LA portrays the Kensi/Deeks relationship very strongly.