Gotham “Under the Knife” Review (Season 1 Episode 20)

Gotham Under the Knife Episode 20 08

On the latest episode of “Gotham,” the pursuit of the Ogre heated up, while Bruce continued his quest to get to the bottom of who killed his parents and both the Penguin and Ed Nygma stepped up their respective crazy, in “Under the Knife.” We began with Bruce and Selina agreeing to remain silent about Reggie’s death, while planning their next move: to get a hold of Bunderslaw’s key to his personal safe at the company, in hopes of breaking in to see what he had stashed away there. Bruce says Bunderslaw is likely to be at the annual Wayne charity ball, so they should try to wrangle the key from him there.

To that end, Bruce invites Selena to the ball, complete with some fancy, new, more appropriate duds for the big shindig. Barbara helps Selina make herself more presentable, while likewise preparing to attend the ball herself. Once there, the not-so-dynamic duo manage to insinuate themselves amongst the crowd, while a still-recovering Alfred stands watch outside. Finally tracking down Bunderslaw, Bruce distracts him by introducing himself, while Selina snags the key and makes an imprint of it before returning it to Bunderslaw. Mission accomplished, for the time being.

While all this is going on, Gordon and Bullock, against the latter’s better judgment, continue to pursue the Ogre, aka Jason. Realizing that his girlfriend, Dr. Thompkins, might be in danger, he assigns her protection, while warning her to watch her back. She, in turn, tells him to keep doing what he’s doing and catch the killer. To that end, they talk to the Ogre’s first assigned cop, whose wife was killed in retaliation for his investigation into the murder of the Ogre’s first victim.

Realizing that it might be because the detective got too close, they question the cop and get a lead: it turns out that the first victim was a nurse for a prominent plastic surgeon in the area. However, the doctor refuses to release a list of his clients at the time of her murder, so Gordon has to get a warrant first for more information. As he and Bullock leave, they spot the Ogre lurking outside and he tries to run them down, unsuccessfully, then he calls Gordon and gives him a warning: next time, it will be someone Gordon loves, and he won’t miss.

However, the Ogre mistakenly assumes that Gordon’s love interest is Barbara Keane, and is disappointed enough to let her go when she informs him that there’s no one in the picture for her, romantically. But she still captures his attention when she makes a comment about how some people may look beautiful on the outside, but may be something else altogether on the inside, which resonates with him- and makes her a potentially ideal candidate for other things, like an extended stay in his creepy Christian Grey-gone-horribly-awry playroom. After tracking her down later on to the ball, that’s exactly where she ends up at the conclusion of the episode.

After obtaining the necessary warrant, Gordon and Bullock discover one likely candidate on the list of people who got surgery while the nurse who was killed was working there: Jason Skolimski, whose surgery was apparently paid for by Constance Van Groot. They go to her house, where they discover she’s long dead, and her corpse rotting away in her bedroom. Also there is Jason’s father, who has been living there ever since, and claims Jason is completely disfigured and thus, could not be the handsome killer they seek. When they arrive, he’s nearly hung himself, but they save him and see pictures of Jason in his deformed state.

Gordon realizes Jason must have had facial reconstruction surgery, and thus, looks completely different now. They get an idea of what Jason looks like via his surgeon, but no leads on where he might be. It dawns on him that Jason likely knows what his ex looks like, via a picture in the local newspaper, and that it may actually be Barbara he goes after, not Dr. Thompkins. When the show ends, he goes after her, but finds only Selina at her place, who claims to have no idea where she is. She does confirm that Barbara left with a man, though, and that he matches the sketch description, more or less.

Meanwhile, Maroni continues to torment the Penguin, even going so far as to tell his mother what a bad person her son is, much to Oswald’s chagrin. He vows to hunt Maroni down and kill him, and does just that with a messenger sent to deliver flowers to Oswald’s mother on Maroni’s behalf. Likewise, when a cop that’s dating Miss Kringle at the station turns out to be abusing her, Edward Nygma takes the matter into his own hands and kills the cop himself- and looks to enjoy it just a little more than he should.

That was about it for this episode. No sign of Fish this week, but I’m sure we’re not done with her just yet, and there’s still a few episodes left, so expect to see her sooner than later. Further, I expect the ongoing Ogre plotline to also come to a head sooner than later, now that Gordon knows Jason has Barbara. From the looks of the preview, we might even get a look at the future Batcave, which should be awesome. At the very least, Bruce finds something that may help lead him to his parents’ killer.

This was a decent enough episode, albeit a bit of a transitional one. Granted, we did get the future Riddler’s first kill, so that was a pretty big deal, but that’s was really about it. Really, most of it was exposition designed to get us from point A to point B in time for the next, penultimate episode of the show. I expect the main plot threads here will be wrapped up then, with the second season set up in the finale. We’ll just have to wait and see how that all goes down before I can pass judgment on the season as a whole, but so far, mostly so good.

What did you think of the latest episode of “Gotham”? Were you surprised the Ogre went after Barbara? What did you think of Bruce and Selina’s pseudo date? How about the Riddler’s first kill? Or the Penguin’s freak-out on that messenger? Will he successfully kill Maroni? Will Gordon capture or kill the Ogre? What’s next for Bruce, in terms of his plot to bring down the moles in his company? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!