Bates Motel “The Last Supper” Review (Season 3 Episode 7)

Bates Motel The Last Supper Season 3 Episode 7 01

Coming off of their best episode of the season thus far, Bates Motel kept the momentum going tonight with “The Last Supper.” It was an episode that was pretty light as far as actual progression on the storylines, but we had a lot of huge personal moments and character developments. Not to mention everybody in the cast was absolutely spot on tonight, as Bates Motel continues to be one of the best acted series on TV.

We pick back up as Norma is getting back into her life as the owner of Bates Motel, getting a new phone and all and answering all of Norman’s pestering questions about where she was all night. Norman used to still be a likable character despite all of his creepy behavior and the worship of his mother, but now he’s just coming off as annoying. I get that he’s a teenager and all, and sometimes they can be irritating when they act out against their parents, but this is a side of Norman that we haven’t seen. It is important for his character that he learn to break away from his mother to some extent, but I just wish he could do it in a less irritating manner.

Being irritating is the least of Norman’s problems, as he’s starting to lash out violently against people like poor James Finnegan. I couldn’t tell if he was really being straight with James at first, but it felt like he was just telling him what he wanted to hear so he could get to ask the question he really wanted the answer to: Did James sleep with his mom? Oh, and I don’t want to criticize licensed therapist James Finnegan on his technique or anything, but I don’t think the question “Would it bother you if your mother slept with me?” ever needs to be asked. Yes, it bothers me. It will always bother me. It would bother anyone, weirdo.

I’m a bit confused at the trajectory they’re taking with Norman here. I mean, we all know how this story ends, right? Norman ends up becoming a very high functioning psychopath that’s able to murder a lot of people and keep his killer tendencies to himself. The Norman we see here is lashing out and choking this some guy he just met, not to mention all of his angry glances at Caleb later on. Norman is doing a worse and worse job at masking his emotions and his anger, when you’d think he would be slowly learning to control them in time. Maybe I’m just expecting too much out of a show in only the third season, but I was hoping to see Norman grow into the Psycho killer we all know him to be. It looks like he’s regressing here instead of improving. I basically always pictured this series as a prequel not only to Psycho, but to Dexter. When Showtime’s Dexter starts out, Dex has already mastered his urge to kill (mostly), and we only learn in flashbacks that his father taught him to control these urges and how to cover his tracks as a killer. I was hoping to get to that sooner, and have Norman killing more and more people, but he hasn’t even killed anyone this season at all! Come on, let’s get crackin’!

After taking somewhat of a back seat in the first couple seasons, Sheriff Romero’s storyline this season continues to be one of the most exciting. It was cool to find out that Romero’s mom’s name is on the ledger, although I’m not quite sure what the problem is here. His dad is already in prison for (you’d assume) a very long time, and his mom has been dead for 22 years, so what’s the issue with this ledger getting out with their names on it? Will it somehow blow back on Romero himself? If he decides to flip on Norma because he wants to protect the memory of his long dead mom then I would not buy that at all. Not from a guy with the balls to drop off a dead body in a car in the driveway of his arch rival.

In other matters of life or death, Emma’s disease is indeed getting quite a bit worse. Her dad showed up for the first time this season to reprimand her for pushing herself too hard, which caused Dylan to come and apologize and find out what he could do to help. You figure that Emma’s dad has to be telling Dylan about this hospital that accepts bribes because he thinks Dylan can help, right? He wouldn’t have brought it up otherwise, so it’s clear that he’s so desperate to save his daughter that he’s willing to turn to someone that he knows to be involved in the drug trade. A great performance here by Ian Hart, who joins the list of great performers on this show. Seriously, this cast is so stinkin’ good.

Oh, and Emma seems to have moved pretty quickly on from Norman to Dylan, huh? Not that I blame her, the way Norman’s been acting and all, but they haven’t really called an official end to their relationship. I’m surprised that Norman’s not giving Dylan any grief for stealing his girl! As much as I rooted for Norman and Emma at first, I’m now rooting for Emma to ditch him for Dylan. Stay safe, Emma!

Speaking of rooting for people I never thought I would, who would have thought we’d be rooting for Caleb to succeed in his reconciliation attempts with Norma? The guy is introduced last season as not only a deadbeat dead, but also a guy who raped his little sister multiple times. Caleb sure does seem to be saying and doing all the right things now, and Kenny Johnson is turning in an incredible performance every freakin’ week. The cast is so great top to bottom, so when the minor characters and guest stars can come in and kill it like this, it’s even better. Not only was his acting great, but he even got to sing a little bit! Not just any song, either. That’s Norma and Norman’s song from last season! Norma’s got to understand how that would make Norman feel.

Elsewhere in great guest star appearances, Ryan Hurst’s Chick continues to steal every scene he’s in, and now it looks like Dylan might be taking the gun-running job that conveniently makes him just enough money to get Emma a new lung. I’m still hoping that Chick isn’t just another bad guy in White Pine Bay, and might actually be an honest and straight-shooting criminal for a change. I guess we’ll find out soon, as this appears to be Dylan’s storyline for the next couple episodes.

There was so much great stuff tonight, that the great group dinner party only got about three minutes of air time. When my biggest complaint of the episode is that we’re not spending enough time with the great cast of the show, I guess that means Bates Motel is doing something right.

What did you guys think of the episode? Sound off in the comments section below.

Random Thoughts:

– The strange dinner party tonight reminded me of the hilariously awkward dinner party in the Breaking Bad episode “Buyout,” where Jesse has that incredibly uncomfortable dinner with Skyler and Walt.

– Was this the first time somebody actually said “We all go a little mad sometimes” on this show? I know they’ve paraphrased it before, but Norma said it word for word here!

– I wonder how Ford feels about the very deliberate product placement of their Mustang and Norma frustratedly yelling out that she hates it?