Revenge “Burn” Review (Season 4 Episode 20)

Alright, I officially have no idea where Revenge is going from here. “Burn” was really a microcosm of the random, scattershot approach the back half of this season has taken, with bizarre, poorly-paced story beats dominating the hour. I mean, this was an episode that ended with a random monologue from a tertiary character we haven’t seen in over a year. So, yeah, not the best hour of television the show’s ever given us, even with that ludicrous finale.

And why not start things off with the absolute insanity of Victoria. If this really was her final bow on the show, I have to wonder who Madeleine Stowe pissed off behind the scenes. Because Victoria was a nut job this week, all of a sudden a paranoid mess unable to even think of the omnipotent Emily Thorne without breaking down. So, of course, suicide by manor explosion – how did one fireplace cause that entire mansion to go up? – was the only way to end things, her trusty writing chair by her side. All I can hope is that it’s all an act meant to mess with Emily’s world, because otherwise, man, what a terrible end for one of the show’s top characters.

Moving to a minor positive for a moment, I’m glad the rift between Nolan and Emily was patched up quickly. Despite the fact that, yes, Nolan’s screw-up was a colossal, easily-avoided one, it was good to see Emily assure him that it didn’t mean the end of their friendship. In all honesty, it makes sense that Nolan would feel the way he did, as letting a friend down is hard to deal with, but if there was ever a sturdy, trustworthy relationship on this show, it was theirs.

Of course, with the two reconnected, it cleared the path for a very sloppy, rushed storyline dealing with the relationship between Emily and Jack. It was weird to see things get rushed so quickly this week, especially with how prominent the arc has been played out in the past few episodes. Of course, Jack’s feelings were only ever prominent on the backburner, so for things to suddenly move forward at such a rapid clip was jarring. Seriously, I was never a huge fan of Hunter, but to have him brushed off in what amounted to a walk-on appearance seemed unfair to the character. And it all amounted to Emily just missing the plane and running into Mason of all people, angry that Emily screwed him out of the story he was promised. So, yeah, that happened.

And in between all that, there was David suddenly having cancer, another spat between Nolan and his ex-wife, and Margaux going from hatred to revenge partners with Louise in less than a day. Just more random, poorly-played moments from a ridiculous hour of Revenge. No idea where things go from here, but it’s going to be an interesting end to a season that started with so much drive and purpose.

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