Tatau (BBC America) First Look

Tatau BBC America 03

BBC America’s new eight-part series, Tatau, follows two friends who set out to explore the world, but discover truths and new abilities that they never could have imagined – all inextricably linked to the Maori myths of the island and a haunting mystery of deadly proportions. Tatau premieres Saturday, April 18, 10:00pm ET on BBC AMERICA.

Show Summary: A pair of 20-something friends from London, Kyle Connor (Joe Layton) and Paul ‘Budgie’ Griffiths (Theo Barklem-Biggs) are traveling the world looking for sun, fun and adventure. Kyle even got himself a Maori-style tattoo, excited about their eventual destination: the Cook Islands.

When snorkelling in a lagoon, Kyle finds the body of a local girl, Aumea, tied up underwater – dead. Returning to the lagoon with the police, Kyle finds her corpse has disappeared. But Kyle knows what he saw. Desperate to uncover what happened, Kyle and Budgie find themselves sucked deeper and deeper into a world of Maori myths, symbols, and hallucinatory visions… until finally the full meaning of Kyle’s tattoo is revealed.

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