Good Witch “True Colors” Review (Season 1, Episode 8)

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Show your true colors.

That is the theme of the season finale of the Hallmark Channel series Good Witch, finding all of the characters showing their true colors.

Linda, Sam’s ex-wife, wanted to take Nick to Hong Kong for one month without telling him the truth about why she wanted him along for her business trip. As it turned out, Linda’s boyfriend Jeffrey moved out and the woman was feeling alone so she decided to use her son as a replacement. Not cool, Linda, not cool at all. Oh, and Nick finally realized that his dad isn’t as bad as he thought. Go figure?!

Ben Jones, the developer who Ryan has been working with, lied about actually purchasing the building where Cassie’s store is located as well as lying to the real owner, saying that Cassie wanted to leave. Ryan figured out the rouse and was able to not only coordinate a new lease for Cassie so she wouldn’t have to lose her store, which she has had for 13 years (her favorite number, of course) but also get the dreaded Java Shed (think Middleton’s version of Starbucks) to move to nearby Blairsville, saving Stephanie’s Café Bistro in the process.

Brandon and his wife Tara are at a crossroads with their lives. She received an incredible opportunity to study at Cambridge; and at first Brandon thought about leaving with her, but the dilemma with the Bell, Book and Candle (and not wanting to leave his family), got in the way. But, of course, Cassie worked her “magic”, getting them back together, working out their current situation.

Grace, wanting to cheer up her mom, arranged a party at the Bell, Book and Candle with lots of customers visiting to celebrate the store’s anniversary and the big save by Ryan.

Ryan making his parents Ida and Ron understand that he and Cassie are not getting married, although it has been made clear that he would like to move forward with their relationship. That is until he saw Sam and Cassie hugging in her shop after learning that she wasn’t going to lose it and almost kissing. Love triangle, they are never easy.

Stephanie, with an unusual assist from Abigail, learned to empower herself about what her café has to offer by visiting a nearby Java Shed, seeing just how much

Cassie working her “magic” (many, many years in the past), by hiring the real building owner’s granddaughter to work at the shop when she was going through a really hard time in her life. This Good Samaritan move helped save her store.

Martha being determined to get that Big Box store (think Walmart or Target in our world) regardless of whether Java Shed moved to Middleton or not. She is nothing if not determined, right?

This brings the first season of ‘Good Witch’ to an end, but the show has been renewed for a second season. An official airdate has not been announced by the Hallmark Channel yet, though.

What did you think of the first season of the show? How do you feel about the relationships that have built up between the characters? Please share your thoughts in our comments section below.

Catherine Bell as Cassie
Bailee Madison as Grace
James Denton as Sam

Guest Stars:
Dan Jeannotte as Brandon
Catherine Disher as Martha
Noah Cappe as Derek
Anthony Lemke as Ryan
Rhys Matthew Bond as Nick
Kylee Evans as Stephanie
Ashley Leggat as Tara
Gabrille Miller as Linda
Maria Ricossa as Ida Elliott
Dan Allison as Ron Elliott