‘Reign’ (Season 2): One Life for Another


About a month ago Reign aired a climatic episode before going on a short mid-season break. That episode featured both King Francis and his brother Bash in mortal jeopardy with Francis falling into a coma (and bleeding from the ears) while Bash was stabbed by a vengeful villager.

As last night’s new episode opened, we discovered that Bash was miraculously recovering from his near fatal injury thanks to the healing nun who found him bleeding out in the woods. However, given her “powers” (she can seemingly save one life only to have another’s life taken), Bash was deeply concerned that her healing him will have ramifications on someone else, and that someone else could very well be his brother the King. And given the fact that Francis collapsed at about the same time as the nun “healing” Bash, it would seem that her powers are very real: at least in Bash’s mind.

The situation was, obviously, grave and being the faithful brother he is Bash was overwhelmed by the “truth” that his survival could be the downfall of his King and brother. But when, almost fortuitously, Clarissa, the much-reviled and presumed dead eldest child of Catherine reappears at the hanging of the man who nearly killed Bash, the King’s Deputy believed this was a sign that his brother could be saved after all.

Back in the first season of the show Nostradamus made a prediction to then Queen Catherine that Mary, Queen of Scots, would be the downfall of then Prince Francis should they wed. His vision saw the death of Catherine’s oldest child; and with that thought in mind, Bash – despite his better intentions – determined that Clarissa, as the true first born child of Catherine – would need to perish rather than his beloved brother.

As most recall, and know all too well from watching last night’s episode, Clarissa was not only horribly disfigured in the face but also, because of the treatment she received from her mother, clearly deranged. In fact, she had threatened the lives of the younger princes and was believed to have died. But with her reappearance in one of the outlying villages, Bash saw it as a sign, as a way to save his brother, the King.

Rather than taking Clarissa back to the castle to face punishment for her past crimes, he asked the healing nun to keep her hidden in her small home only to provide Clarissa with drugged water that took her life. While Bash did what he thought was best for his brother by making sure that Nostradamus’s prophesy of Catherine’s oldest child dying came to be, by allowing Francis to live, how will his taking the life of his half-sister affect him? Or will it affect him at all given that her life would have been taken anyway?

Please share your thoughts on the belief of that time of prophesizes and the belief of the powers like the healing nun in our comments section below. And remember the next new episode of the second season of ‘Reign’ will air on Thursday, April 23 at 9/8c on The CW.