CSI: Cyber “The Evil Twin” Review (Season 1 Episode 6)

CSI Cyber The Evil Twin Episode 6 03

On the latest episode of “CSI: Cyber,” the team ran afoul of a killer who took room service to a whole other level in “The Evil Twin.” It all started when a posh hotel reported a possible hack into their Wi-Fi, which, if not stopped, could allow the hacker in question to steal untold amounts of personal information from their system. Obviously, this wouldn’t just be bad for business, it could potentially put them out of business altogether, so they brought in the cyber squad.

Before long, it was determined that files might not have been what the hacker was after, after all, when the team discovered that the surveillance footage had been wiped for a certain period of time, clearly to cover something up…but what? When a employee of the hotel was sent up to investigate loud music in a particular suite, he got a rude awakening upon finding a dead body of a woman in the tub.

The victim was Adele Foster (Kelly Albanese, “Desire”), and from the looks of things, it was definitely a crime of passion, at least in Avery’s eyes. The team found some clues, despite the well-covered tracks of the killer, including a smashed phone that he had tried to flush down the toilet unsuccessfully, and the odd fact that the woman had seemingly continued to order food and movies and the like from her room, some three days after her murder. The killer also made sure to put in a “do not disturb” order, which had kept anyone away for some time. They also sent a faux invitation to various employees, many of which opened, which were then used to install malware allowing him to hack into the hotel’s system.

However, this latter detail proved to be the killer’s undoing, as it could be traced back to a specific source and destination: a man named Evan Wescott (Justin Bruening, “Ravenswood”) and a bar called Evade. A trace of his cell phone also put it in the hotel at the time of the murder, and there was also surveillance footage of him kissing the girl in question at said bar, the latter event which he lied about. The late woman’s boyfriend, Shane Tillman (Kristopher Higgins, “The Secret Life of the American Teenager”), also confirms that she went alone to NYC to the hotel, after he had to work last minute, and that she hadn’t been thrilled about it, though she put on a brave face.

But the team later realizes that the evidence, which also included texts found on the phone between Evan and Adele, was faked. This meant that Evan was actually hacked himself and framed for the crime, meaning that he was telling the truth about being not guilty and his only mistake was lying to the police about knowing Adele. After looking into his movements before the murder, the team determined that his phone must have been hacked at a coffee shop that offered free Wi-Fi. The hacker used a “twin” router- hence the episode title- and waited for Evan to log into it, thinking it was the coffee shop’s Wi-Fi, when it was actually the hacker’s phone he had hacked into. From there, it was all too easy to frame the guy.

Unfortunately for Shane, Raven was able to trace the bought router to a specific store, which in turn traced back to Shane. The team goes to Shane’s place, which is in disarray, seeming to indicate a fight that he’d had with Adele. Remembering that Shane had some bruises, Avery realizes that he must have thought she was having an affair with Evan, and that was the reason he framed him. The team rushes to Evade, upon realizing Shane has a gun, and are able to rescue Evan just in time.

Shane, on the other hand, makes a break for it and runs to the roof, intending to kill himself by jumping off, but Mundo saves him in the nick of time. They arrest him, but still don’t have enough evidence to put him in the hotel room with Adele at the time of her murder. The team then has the bright idea to look at the motion sensor in his phone, which does indeed indicate he was at the scene and that an altercation clearly occurred. The crime proved, Shane is arrested and all is right in the world for another day.

This was a decent enough episode, save the completely unnecessary flash-forward that occurred at the beginning of the episode. I’m not sure what the writers thought that added to the story, but what are you gonna do? Beyond that, it was solid enough, if a bit obvious in the culprit department. Everyone concerned did a decent job acting-wise, and the team continues to gel together with each passing week. That said, as I mentioned in a previous review, chemistry is only part of the equation. We also need a fair amount of back-story from the characters, and we’re not getting a lot of that overall.

Sure, there are call-backs to certain events in each character’s past- Avery’s run-in with the hacker, Brody’s black hat hacker ties, etc.- but overall, it’s not enough as of yet. Granted, it’s early in the show’s run, and there’s still plenty of time for that sort of thing, but I’d just as soon see it sooner than later, especially with the initial run of the show nearly over for the season. Hopefully, we’ll get there eventually.

That was about it for that episode. So, what did you think about the main case? Did you figure out who the murderer was way ahead of time as well? Which character would you like to see more from? (For me, it would definitely be Raven, arguably the most underrepresented member of the cast to date.) How about less? What do you think the show’s chances for renewal are? Sound off on this and more down below in the comments section, and see you next week!