Survivor “Livin’ on the Edge” Review (Season 30 Episode 8)

Survivor Worlds Apart Livin on the Edge Season 30 Episode 9 03

Survivor returned tonight with the appropriately titled “Livin’ on the Edge”, as quite a few people feel like they’re on the edge of being voted out when the episode begins. It seems like everybody either feels like they’re going home, threatens that somebody else will go home, or (in the case of Jenn) they straight up say that they’re going home. The Merica tribe is certainly in a very negative place, but thankfully it didn’t last that long.

The only one that maintained their crappy attitude through the rest of the episode was Jenn, which is really a bummer considering how much I’ve enjoyed her these last few episodes. I was hoping that she would get over her friend Hali going home – your friends going home is a part of the game, after all – but she really never did.

People who quit Survivor, especially at this point in the game, make me so angry. You’ve already made it to the merge, you have a one in ten shot of winning a million bucks, and you want to go home? Well too bad, you don’t even get to go home, you have to stick around for another coupe weeks and just sit on the jury! There’s millions of people who want to be in Jenn’s position, and she throws it away. Not only that, but she’s jeopardizing everybody else in her alliance by taking away one of their votes! So selfish and so frustrating. Oh, and asking everybody to vote for you is the same thing as quitting, so her weak clarification attempts at tribal just made me more angry.

While I lose my appreciation for Jenn, I’m starting to gain quite a bit of appreciation for Shirin. She was super annoying when the game first started, but ever since the merge she’s quickly become one of the smartest players in the game. It might be a little too late for her to actually make any real traction with anybody, but I’m really voting for her to take down the frustratingly cocky Dan.

The reward challenge was really fun, and it felt like more of a game from Wipeout than a Survivor challenge, but I’m fine with that. It was cracking me up seeing everybody bellyflop on that rope course, scrape down that slide, and slip off that balance beam. The reward itself was one of those sponsored reward challenges that mostly felt like a five minute commercial for M&M/Mars products. Everybody just ate a bunch of chocolate and talked about how amazing the candy was the whole time. I get that they’ve been out there for weeks and all, but I don’t know how great a bunch of M&Ms would taste without anything else along with it. If I ate nothing for weeks then ate a bunch of chocolate I’d get a serious stomach ache.

The immunity challenge was nowhere near as exciting, as it was yet another endurance challenge. Unfortunately, Joe made one bad move minutes in to the challenge and it seemed to screw him up for the rest of the game. He stuck around for quite a while, but as soon as that block fell you just knew he’d be going home. It’s even more frustrating when a good player like Joe goes home, because there’s somebody like Jenn who’s just taking up a spot in the game. I really hope she goes home soon, although at this point I’m not really rooting for anybody in the game. I guess Mike is the person in the game that I dislike the least, and Shirin is OK too, but I’m not sure if either of them has a very good shot at winning. I guess we’ll see!

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Random Thoughts:

– Did anybody else catch the Wilhelm Scream sound effect when Will slid awkwardly down the ramp during the reward challenge?

– Man, who woulda thought Rodney was so good at impressions?! His Dan impression wasn’t as strong as his Mike, but they were both pretty killer!

– How did Tyler’s fall off the balance beam in the reward challenge not count, but everybody else’s fall did count? They all hit the second platform!