Undateable (NBC) “A Stray Dog Walks Into a Bar” Season 2 Episode 4

Undateable “A Stray Dog Walks Into a Bar” Season 2 Episode 4 airs Tuesday, April 14th at 9PM on NBC. In tonight’s episode, After dealing with their quirky neighbor (guest star Rory Scovel), Danny (Chris D’Elia) tells Justin (Brent Morin) that he is easily taken advantage of and soon reveals that he has been overcharging him for rent. Meanwhile, Brett (David Fynn) teaches Candace (Bridgit Mendler) how to lie so that she can keep a stray puppy she found outside of the bar.

When confident slacker Danny Beeman (Chris D’Elia, “Whitney,” “Glory Daze”) takes Justin (comedian Brent Morin) on as a roommate, Danny unwittingly inherits Justin’s group of romantically challenged friends. Seeing himself as the ultimate player, Danny decides to teach the crew (who he dubs “The Undateables”) everything he knows about “the game of love.”

For their first lesson, Danny takes the guys to an event hosted by his sister, Leslie (Bianca Kajlich, “Rules of Engagement”), who is a single mom with dating difficulties of her own. At first, Danny’s advice seems to pay off big-time: The shy guy talks to a girl, the no-filter dude learns it’s never OK to ask a woman when she’s due, and his nebbish roommate, Justin, goes home with a mystery woman. It’s not until the next day that they figure out it was Leslie. Here’s a refreshing comedy about the “do’s,” “don’ts” and “duhs” of dating.

Writer Adam Sztykiel (“Due Date”), Bill Lawrence (“Scrubs,” “Cougar Town”) and Jeff Ingold serve as executive producers. “Undateable” is a production of Warner Bros. Television and Doozer Productions.

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