The Originals “Night Has a Thousand Eyes” Review (Season 2 Episode 18)

The Originals Night Has a Thousand Eyes Season 2 Episode 18 01

In the latest episode of “The Originals,” the much-discussed, little-seen in-the-flesh Dahlia (Claudia Black, of “Stargate SG-1” and “Farscape” fame) finally put in an appearance, and, as it turned out, it was well worth the wait, in the ominously-titled “Night Has a Thousand Eyes.” The title referred to a creepy bit of business known as “kenning,” a spell that involved Dahlia using other people/animals to keep an eye on things, as evidenced by the attention-grabbing opening sequence, in which Dahlia possessed a variety of people in the Quarter as Hayley took Hope out for a rare stroll in public, only to be confronted by a host of people threatening them, including her own husband, Jackson. Pretty freaky stuff!

Needless to say, Klaus hit the roof, ticked off that Hayley had gone out with Hope in public in the first place, under the circumstances. Freya gives all concerned in the inner circle a tonic to prevent Dahlia from doing it to them, at least, but Klaus is clearly rattled, and goes in search of Davina, wanting her to get a hold of Mikael, who was gathering up various materials to aid in her casting a spell to defeat Dahlia. Obviously, for Klaus to team up with Mikael- or vice versa, for that matter- is a big deal, and fairly unprecedented, though Dahlia doesn’t exactly help matters by threatening Hope and Freya alike, not to mention goading the unlikely twosome themselves.

Alas, this proves to be part of her maniacal plan to rid them of the very weapon that they aim to use to defeat her. After Davina successfully completes the spell and puts the power into a knife Mikael provides, they rush to confront Dahlia in a church before she can cause any more mischief. There, she already has amassed a large group of people to fight for her, giving them portions of her powers to help matters along. Though Klaus and Mikael don’t fare well at first, they finally get the upper hand, only to be cast aside like rag dolls by Dahlia, who eventually gets a hold of the knife and destroys it, before vanishing out of there after Elijah and Freya arrive and telling them that they all die if she doesn’t get what she wants, which is of course, Hope.

Meanwhile, Hayley and Jackson are preparing to bolt to a safe house of sorts in Algiers, where Josephine has done a spell that is supposed to keep anyone from using magic on the premises in an old former bar called St. James Infirmary. (Or bless it and put up a barrier against evil spirits- I was a bit unclear on that score.) Only Jackson has second thoughts and wants to head to where the pack is in the swamplands, thinking that Dahlia would be hard-pressed to defeat an entire pack of werewolves.

Not so sure about that, but either way, Aiden stalled for time (he was supposed to pick them up), which gave Marcel time to catch up with them and escort them to the place personally. That’s probably for the best all around, because Klaus would have hit the roof if they’d gone to the bayou instead, and Jackson and Aiden alike would have been in hot water, if not Hayley. The episode ended with not one, but two major deaths, as Dahlia killed Josephine for aiding all concerned, after cruelly taking away her arthritis and allowing her to play a little violin for the first time in who knows how long, before taking her out with the violin bow and slashing her neck!

The other was Mikael, who died at the hands of Klaus, after their weapon was destroyed and he realized that the only way to perform the spell again in quick enough time to combat Dahlia was to get a hold of the necessary ingredients in far less time than it had taken Mikael to do so. Unfortunately for Mikael, one of those ingredients was Viking ashes, and well, Mikael was one white oak stake away from becoming some, so Klaus made it so. For those keeping score at home, that would be Klaus’ second instance of patricide this season, to match his sister’s one instance of matricide, so it’s your move, Freya! Obviously, Dahlia would be the prime candidate for number two, as Freya’s secondary mother, but we’ll see. I suspect she may not end up doing the honors on that one.

That was about it, but that was plenty. This was another action-packed episode, with very little time spent wasted on much of anything else, beyond a bit of necessary planning and plotting. I really enjoyed the church-set smack-down between Klaus and Mikael and Dahlia. That Dahlia certainly knows how to make a first impression! I mean, granted, we’ve seen her before on the show, but this was the first non-flashback instance of it, and Claudia Black certainly made the most of it, tossing around Klaus, Mikael and anyone else who came her way like it was nothing. And that opening scene was super chilling and unsettling, reminding me a bit of that old Denzel Washington movie “Fallen.” All in all, a great episode all around. Looking forward to seeing what happens next!

What did you think of the latest episode of “The Originals”? Were you happy with the first full-fledged, non-flashback appearance of Dahlia? Did you like the casting of Claudia Black in the role? What did you think about the whole “kenning” thing? Or that she was using Freya to channel her power to find Hope and everyone? Were you sad to see Mikael and/or Josephine go? Or did Mikael have it coming? Will the magical old bar be enough to protect Hope for the time being? What will Dahlia do next? What will Klaus and company’s next move be, for that matter? Sound off below and let me know what you think, and I’ll see you next week!