NCIS: LA “Rage” Review (Season 6, Episode 20)

NCIS Los Angeles Rage Season 6 Episode 20 01

NCIS: LA is coming in on the home stretch now, and if Papa Callen doesn’t make an appearance by season’s end then I will officially throw in the towel. “Rage” was not just a Callen-centric outing: it gave us Callen flashbacks, including how he met one Hetty Lange. The preview for next week mentioned the case would be the team’s most important one, and that they just don’t know it yet. If all this doesn’t scream “Papa Callen is coming” then I don’t know what does. The stakes need to be upped on a procedural like this in its 6th season, and meeting the elusive father of our protagonist feels like the best way to do so. And if said father is connected to the mole in NCIS? Even better.

As for the episode itself, “Rage” was stronger in that the events affected Callen so personally. I’ve said it numerous times, outings like this always end up being more enjoyable to watch. Certain issues aside (the construction worker automatically knowing what NCIS is; Dallas and his men not just knocking said construction worker out on the way to the bank), everything built to a nice climax. It was obvious young Charlie would not make it out alive, yet I was surprised Agent Rand was the one to deal the final blow. His “I don’t understand” exclamation to Callen was heartbreaking as well. I think the writers left it up to the audience to decide, but from my point of view, Charlie was going to shoot Dallas. He was going to do the right thing the way Callen told him. And unfortunately, he still died. NCIS: LA is never going to be a big “point made” type of show (versus The Bridge for instance). That being said, it telegraphed well how some people just don’t get second chances. I think it helped Callen that Hetty was always watching him. He just came into Charlie’s life too late. Nice work by Chris O’Donnell. Hopefully the final episodes will give him more to do along the same lines.

More Thoughts As I Pretend to be Italian

– Sam had a lot of bigoted lines thrown at him which was handled with the perfect amount of disgust and disdain by LL Cool J. I was honestly surprised at some of the dialogue by Jimmie Ray’s character- it just felt more hardcore than what I normally see on this show.

– With Callen being the focus this time, Deeks had less to do unfortunately. Eric and Nell also sat much of this episode out, but I’m not complaining on that end.

– Callen and Kensi making out was just weird to watch.

– Rebecca Field, aka Dallas’ girlfriend, Ginny, is very very good. I remember her from Drop Dead Diva. She got to me then, and she got to me here.

– Recast Alert: This outing featured not one, but TWO actors who have played recurring characters on JAG/NCIS. I know Donald Bellisario is not a producer here, but man this show has still followed his mold of casting certain actors in multiple roles. Agent Lisa Rand was played by Alicia Coppola aka Lt. Commander Faith Coleman from JAG (she was in the NCIS backdoor pilot as Rabb’s lawyer and then reprised the role on NCIS). Then we have Sean Harmon aka Mark Harmon’s son aka young Leroy Jethro Gibbs himself playing Charlie. I understand recasting actors who appeared in JAG-many may not remember them (unless you’re my dad), but using actors who played prominent roles on NCIS? They take place in the same universe! That’s like having Sean Murray play Timothy McGee when he had a recurring role on JAG (and prior to that role played even a different role). Granted, Murray’s part on JAG was a douchebag, and his playing McGee actually redeemed him in my eyes. Still, there are a lot of freaking actors in Los Angeles! Use them!