‘Gotham’ (Season 1): Welcome Back to Gotham

Gotham Beasts of Prey Episode 19 03

The FOX drama Gotham returned with a new episode last night after a little over a month break, following up on where all the characters are at this point in the sordid story of this legendary, fictional city (and abroad).

Fish Mooney was desperately attempting to escape “The Island of Dr. Moreau” – no wait, I mean the Island of Dr. Dulmacher, that creepizoid running that insane lab/hospital where he has been keeping countless people in prison, using their body parts for the benefit of high-paying customers. Fish, being the conniving bitch that she is, used several of the prisoners as bait so she could fly herself and the rest of the prisoners off that island. However, “The Catcher” – the guy who oversees the outer limits of Dr. Dulmacher’s “compound” – clipped Fish with his rifle as she flew off in the island’s helicopter. Not only has the woman lost an eye – which she deliberately dug out with a spoon, only to have replaced by Dr. D – and now she’s been virtually gut shot while flying a copter.

The Penguin, aka Oswald Cobblepot, is very intent on getting his hands on a Gotham establishment, but the question was: to what end? Why did he want the place so badly? It would seem the “birdman” wants to take down Sal Maroni in that restaurant; but will the sly little man get the revenge he wants?

Elsewhere, Jim Gordon got sucked into a serial killer case that could very well spell some serious trouble for the responsible police detective and his new girlfriend Dr. Leslie “Lee” Thompkins. And, who was behind that set-up: Commissioner Loeb. I pity that fool for crossing Jim, as it is going to be his downfall.

Then on the other side of town, while Alfred was still recovering from that serious knife-wound, young Bruce Wayne was intent on hunting down Alfred’s friend Reggie Payne to find out why he attacked his guardian. It turned out that the research Bruce has been conducting on his late parents’ company led to Reggie being hired, which led to Alfred getting hurt; and if the young man doesn’t stop, things are only going to get worse. That is until young Selina Kyle shoves Reggie out a window, plunging the man to his death. I did not see that coming, did you? Worse yet, how will this shape Selina into the woman she becomes; and how will it affect young Bruce who witnessed it all?

What do you think will happen next on the show? With only three episodes left, it certainly is coming down to the wire for Jim to catch the Ogre, the serial killer; for Penguin to get his revenge on the mob boss and for Fish to miraculously survive her latest situation not to mention not crashing that helicopter. Please share your thoughts on the show in our comments section below.

‘Gotham’ will air the next new episode of its debut season on FOX on Monday, April 20 at 8/7c.