Gotham “Beasts of Prey” Review (Season 1 Episode 19)

Gotham Beasts of Prey Episode 19 06

On the latest episode of “Gotham,” things came to a head with Fish at Dr. Dulmacher’s house of pain while Gordon and Bullock ran afoul of a serial killer and Bruce tracked down the nefarious Reggie to avenge Alfred in “Beasts of Prey.” As expected, Fish wasted no time in exploiting her newfound position to plan her imminent escape, with a little help from her downstairs cronies. But was she helping them or using them? As it turned out, a little bit of both.

After testing the response time of the security guards upon leaving the building, she then stole some keys from the not-so-good doctor’s office, which she was also caught doing, though she played off both like it was no big deal, as ever hiding her true intentions. Once these things were accomplished, she recruited some of the bigger thugs from downstairs to go ahead of her and open the gates with said keys while she retrieved Kelly (Dashiell Eaves, “Law & Order: SVU”) and some others who’d supported her early on in the basement.

Only it proved to be a bait-and-switch, as the keys weren’t to the gate, and the thugs were caught red-handed, trapped with no place to go. While that was happening, Fish and the rest made for a copter, which it so happened Fish could fly. They almost got away scot-free, but the wily Catcher (Phillip James Griffith, who, interestingly, also appeared in “The Dark Knight Rises”) got off one shot- which landed right in Fish’s gut.

Given that Jada Pinkett Smith already announced she wouldn’t be returning for the second season, I already figured she wasn’t long for the series, but I thought she might at least make it to Gotham one last time to pour some salt in the Penguin’s game, but it’s not looking good for her. She’s not dead yet, obviously, but she doesn’t seem like she’s going to be doing much of anything once she gets there. My best guess is that she’ll send one of the people who helped her escape to avenge her instead, likely not Kelly, given his own personal state.

Meanwhile, a cop named Len (Brendan Griffin, “Person of Interest”), who claimed that Gordon was a personal hero and source of inspiration to him and some of the other younger cops on the force came to him for some help with a long-gestating cold case: that of a murdered young woman named Grace Fairchild (Willa Fitzgerald, “Royal Pains”). Some digging by Gordon and Bullock led to a potential unnamed suspect, and an assist from Edward led to a mysterious buried clue that had been hidden from the main files: a picture of a broken heart left at the scene.

Unfortunately, Bullock recognized it as the hallmark of the “Ogre,” aka the “Don Juan Killer,” a serial killer that left that particular signature at every crime he’d committed. According to Bullock, he abducted at least a dozen girls over the years and kept them for anywhere from a week to a month until he tired of them and/or they didn’t live up to his exacting standards, at which point he murdered and dumped them. To make matters worse, he had a habit of targeting the loved ones of any cop that tried to investigate him- hence the case remaining unsolved, as no cop wanted to touch it.

Naturally, Gordon quickly realizes he’s been set up to fail, and confronts Len, who finally admits it was Mayor Loeb who put him up to it. Gordon naturally confronts Loeb about it, and says that not only will he catch the “Ogre,” but he’ll be coming after Loeb next- which he announces for all to hear. Bullock warns Gordon about the safety of Dr.Thompkins, given the “Ogre” MO, but from the looks of the preview, it might be Barbara that needs to watch herself.

Playing the serial killer in question, aka Jason Lennon, is former “Gilmore Girls”-star Milo Ventimiglia, in a turn that’s like Christian Grey (of “50 Shades of Grey” fame) meets the psycho played by former “Heroes” co-star Zachary Quinto in “American Horror Story: Asylum,” which is to say kinda sexy but also kinda creepy. It was an interesting casting choice, as the actor is decidedly playing against type here.

As all of this was going on, Bruce tracked down Reggie on behalf of a still out-of-action Alfred, with a little help from Selina. Reggie, who was drowning himself in drugs at a “shooting gallery”- aka a drug dive- finally confessed that Mathis and Bunderslaw were the ones who put him up to stealing documents from Bruce, and that he hadn’t meant to hurt Alfred to the extent he did. He also mentioned that they knew what Bruce knew and were running scared about him finding out too much, which made them dangerous to his well-being.

After Selina dangled his drugs out of a window, Reggie went after them and Bruce was tempted to push him out, but didn’t. However, Selina had no such compunctions and followed through, with Reggie plunging to his death as a result. Consider Alfred avenged- at least in part. Next stop, Mathis and Bunderslaw, which sounds like the worst law firm ever, and they probably should be scared. But did they kill Bruce’s parents? I’m not so sure. Did you notice how the Penguin reacted when he and Bruce almost crossed paths? I’m beginning to wonder if maybe he actually was the culprit, at least in this iteration of the show.

Yes, I’m certainly aware that in the comics it was a random mugger named Joe Chill- though in one iteration he was hired to do it by a local mobster- and in another the Joker did it, before he was technically the Joker. However, “Gotham” has made it into a bit more of a mystery here, and that makes it unlikely that it would be some random person we don’t know. One website has posited a guy in a purple suit that cropped up in an early episode (which some thought might turn out to be the Joker, which we now know not to be the case) that matched the description Selina gave to the cops, but even she admitted she lied.

Still, that guy could be a dirty cop and/or someone who worked for the mob, given that he was seen at the precinct, so that’s certainly a possibility. Of course, the Penguin also works for the mob, and note that Fish had some of Bruce’s mother’s jewelry at one point, which she easily could have gotten from the Penguin, so my theory isn’t completely without merit. Granted, if Fish knew this, she could have easily screwed Penguin over with the info, but didn’t, though that may be because she wanted to take him out herself once she found out he betrayed her. So, it’s a possibility, right?

That was about it, save some business with the Penguin securing the ownership of a local bar, which he told a henchman was because he wanted to kill Maroni there. Not sure why it needed to be that particular place, but he certainly went to lengths to secure it, given that he cut off some poor guitarist’s fingers to scare him off his girlfriend, aka the bar owner’s daughter. Pretty screwed up stuff.

All in all, a good episode of the show, which sets the stage for the final few episodes of the season, with plenty of subplots set up and in motion for the future. Will Fish die from her gunshot wound? Will she make it to Penguin first, or send someone after him? What is the Penguin up to with that bar, and why did he have to have that particular bar? Did he kill Bruce’s parents? If not, who did? Will Gordon stop the “Ogre”? Will the “Ogre” kidnap one of Gordon’s loved ones? (That seems likely, given the preview.) Will Gordon stop Loeb by the end of the season? How will Alfred react to Bruce aiding in the killing of Reggie? How will Bruce handle his other enemies? Sound off on this and more down below, and see you next week!