The Flash “All Star Team Up” Review (Season 1 Episode 18)

Even a short, two-week hiatus feels like an eternity when a show is delivering as much fun and entertainment as The Flash does with each episode. Things were no different in “All Star Team Up,” which saw Felicity returning to Central City with Ray Palmer in tow for another great little crossover with Arrow. And while there was a lot of distrust between characters being dealt with, this was still one of the show’s most humorous, fun installments.

Seriously, the jokes and references were in high supply this week, from Cisco’s Indiana Jones-level hatred of bees to Felicity’s meta-referential joke about the tonal differences between The Flash and Arrow. The best of the week, though, goes to the “It’s a bird, it’s a plane” reference as The Atom, played by former Superman Brandon Routh, landed at STAR Labs, which more or less shattered the metafictional boundaries of the DC Universe.

Speaking of, though he didn’t get a whole lot of screen time here, Brandon Routh has been killing it all season on Arrow, finally finding the perfect comic book role to highlight his natural charm and charisma. Here, we got to see his continued evolution into the Atom, with him joining the Flash to stop robotics expert Brie Larvan, AKA the Bug-Eyed Bandit. The effects on The Atom are still a bit cartoony, but it was cool to see him in action as a hero for the first time. Hopefully, his shrinking powers will come to the fore soon back on Arrow.

Getting to our regulars, the big struggle for Barry this week was all about trying to figure out if he could trust Caitlin and Cisco. Given what the audience has seen, coupled with Cisco’s ongoing visions of his death in the alternate timeline, it was a bit frustrating to know that Barry could indeed trust the two, but it was still an understandable worry for him to have. After all, he had no reason to doubt Harrison, and it turned out he was his greatest enemy. Fortunately, he decides to put his faith in them in the end.

If Barry should be worried about anyone, it’s Eddie, who’s just not cut out to keep Barry’s secret. He’s not built to lie to Iris in the way he now has to, and it’s about a secret he didn’t want, but instead had forced upon him. As a result, he’s at risk of losing Iris’ trust and respect, and it’s inevitable that if things go south, he’ll blame Barry and Joe.

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