Revenge “Exposure” Review (Season 4 Episode 19)

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Look, you know you’re in trouble when you realize you’re in a clip show episode. True, this week’s episode of Revenge did push the overarching narrative forward, but the sheer amount of flashbacks made it feel like the writers are really struggling to reach the end of this season. It does seem that the Emily/Victoria rivalry will be back in full effect going forward, but “Exposure” seemed to suggest more interesting avenues for storytelling before returning to familiar territory.

Seriously, it’s a bit goofy to imagine a coalition of those Emily has wronged forming to get her, but this show deals in goofy pretty frequently these days. And it gave those early flashbacks the sense that they might be building to something big. We even got the return of one of her first victims, but it ultimately seemed to go nowhere, with David threatening the guy to step off. Instead, the narrative brought us back around to Victoria.

To a degree, I get the impulse, especially if the show is building towards a series finale instead of a season finale. The show began with the battle between Emily and Victoria, so it makes sense to return to it time and time again. However, it now just seems so sad that Victoria is still attacking Emily so hard. She’s lost her entire family, her social standing, everything, and she only stands to lose more by continuing on this vendetta.

And it makes little sense given that not only has Daniel’s name been cleared, but Margaux has now told her the truth about why she lost her baby. Margaux’s sudden flip-flop is equally head-scratching, especially given that she flips right on back by the end of the hour, but it seems like her admission would give Victoria a reason to let it all go, not double down on revenge.

Meanwhile, Nolan’s whole freak-out was a bit ridiculous, too. Of course Emily is going to be mad that he kept all of that secret information on his laptop. If nothing else, it should’ve at least been encrypted so that not just any idiot – read: Limon – could quickly snatch it. Still, his jump to thinking that meant Emily was going to completely cut him out of her life was a stretch, especially given how close the two have been over the years.

The rest of the flashbacks were just sort of there, not really offering much to the story. Basically any clip show ever, sure, but it would’ve been nice for there to be a little more substance here. Heck, the final series of memories for David felt particularly disconnected. If nothing else, it was fun getting to see just how many haircuts Nolan has had over the years.

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