The Good Wife “Winning Ugly” Review (Season 6 Episode 19)

The Good Wife Winning Ugly Season 6 Episode 19 01

There’s only three episodes left in this season after tonight, but The Good Wife is still focusing on this freakin’ election storyline! Thankfully “Winning Ugly” had a few other things things going on, but overall I can’t help but feel a little frustrated with how this season is turing out.

First of all, we need to discuss this ridiculous deus ex machina with this whole voting machine hack thingy. Not only has this whole “stealing an election” thing already been done on this show before back in Peter’s election, but we have no idea that this fraud was taking place! At least back when the vote was stolen for Peter we knew something fishy was going on, we just didn’t know how much Peter knew about it. The revelation in the end that the hack was really for a different candidate in a different race altogether took a bit of the sting away, but the feeling of sameyness is still bugging me.

Second, if Alicia really does follow through with stepping down from the office of state’s attorney, after an entire freakin’ season of this laborious campaign storyline, I will be super pissed. The whole reason I was tolerating the campaign stuff and all of their ridiculous “crisis of the week” episodes was because I was looking forward to the moment when Alicia became state’s attorney and how cool that could have been. She would be going up against her old law firm, having to balance her new job with being the governor’s wife, and probably going after Bishop herself! Now all of that is out the window, and we just tolerated a whole bunch of boring campaign episodes without the payoff! This is a lose-lose!

The trial for the recount was kinda fun tonight, at least. Ron Rifkin played Spencer Randolph, who even Marissa was starstruck by. However, You just knew that with all of that hero worship that he was going to end up being a bastard, so it wasn’t entirely surprising when he stabbed Alicia in the back in the end. It was also fun seeing Larry Gilliard Jr. back on my TV after his recent exit from The Walking Dead.

I’m not sure why Randolph had to throw Peter under the bus in order to defend Alicia, though. Couldn’t he have just pointed out that the chips were outdated, the guy in charge of the machines is corrupt, and leave it at that? Why did he have to drop Peter’s name in there also? He’s clearly in the pocket of the democratic committee, so why drag down one of their own men?

The best part of all of this drama had to be that Alicia finally confessed to Grace that she was sleeping with Will. I just watched a season three episode a couple weeks ago where she almost did this but then a phone call came in that prevented her from going through with it, so this confession was a long time coming. Better late than never, I guess!

Meanwhile, back at the firm, this whole metadata thing is still going on. If I have to hear one more person say the word “metadata”, I’m going to snap. Anyway, Christine Baranski has been killing it these last couple episodes, and Archie Panjabi is finally getting some good material here as well. This clearly looks like they’re going to write Kalinda off the show by having her rat out Bishop, and that Mike Colter will be written off as well so he can go star in the Jessica Jones Netflix series. My prediction: Lemond’s son Dylan is the one to kill Kalinda for putting his dad in jail. He finally learns to stick up for himself, and he protects his dad by shooting Kalinda! I’m calling it!

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Random Thoughts:

– What was up with that weird “Between Two Ferns” parody? I mean, that’s clearly what they were doing a play on, right? They were between the ferns and all, they had the red button in the middle, and even the layout of the website looked a LOT like Funny or Die. However, the show itself was nothing like “Between Two Ferns.” Why do a riff on a show if you aren’t going to make it anything like what you’re ripping off?

– Do you think Eli’s question about whether or not Lawrence Gilliard Jr.’s character was wearing a wire was a reference to Gilliard being known for being on The Wire?

– Geneva Pine was the villain of the episode this week, but her use of the word “invidious” was commendable tonight.

– Wouldn’t all of this talk of faked evidence bring Cary’s innocence back into question?